EVENT 🍃🌳Autumn Leaves🍁🍂

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Queens, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. Ok 😍 I see you ata 🥵
  2. Can you please do some aviation theme for a hunt? 💜
  4. Love the avatar with the wings! 💖
  5. SELLING 548 GREEN DICE FOR 10-15C! I give up at this point! No one will trade me or even buy for that cheap! 😭
  6. Selling 100 green dice wmo :)
  7. All luck? My first box I opened I got no green dice, only red and blue.
  8. Another goddamned avatar box, another god damned disappointment.
    I hate the randomness of this stupid system.
  9. Long long ago..
    In the stone's age ATA used to provide furniture in timer and lite boxes..
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  10. So, silly question, but how do I get those pretty elven avis?
  11. They're in the third and fourth side stories
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  12. ❤buying red d20❤800:8b❤or 100:1b
  13. Buying red dice
  14. Just a reminder that there’s a showcase selling/trading forum here