EVENT 🍃🌳Autumn Leaves🍁🍂

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  1. Correct. These avis are still present and are not in boxes.
  2. I love the Prince of Autumnal Equinox avi. Too bad I could only get it if i sell my soul to the devil. Getting into the top 100 is no easy feat (not to mention the moolah one has to spend) 😔
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  3. Should make it possible to swap the color of vip and non vip avis. I dont care about the stats i just want the version of the avi I actually like without having to spend a hundred dollars in credits to open boxes.
  4. Usually vip avis have better colors than non-vip that is why its harder to get it. If color swapping is possible, it kinda loses the essense of having a vip/non vip avis imo
  5. first
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  6. Is there a reason why the first set of avis are the same in the main drops and the side drops?
  7. you get 1 non vip avi box and 1 vip avi box from both the side and main story, the drops you get (unless you open boxes) should make it so you get both boxes at the same time if that makes sense.
    For example - 8k main story drops gets you the first non-vip avi box
    1.5k side story drops gets you the second non-vip avi
    you should get these around the same time (again if you aren’t opening a ton of boxes)
    hope that helped :^)
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  8. Yeah, I totally forgot about that 😅 my grandma passed away recently so my mind is kind of all over the place. Honestly I hate that they’ve made it that way...
  9. The event shít, and anything with it is useless.
  10. My life is complete!!!!!!✨🧚🏻💕🍷🦋☘️🍄
  11. I just wish they'd stop putting storyline avis in boxes and just gave us both genders again :/
  12. Can we talk about how the male avis always seem a little more... special than the female ones? 🤔🧐
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  13. Ok but the tiefling should have had hooves imo 😭 Still wonderful avis but I want them HOOVES
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  14. this...
  15. if you're gonna put it on the XC I want extra shit like the adoption hunt
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  17. Also I spent what little money I have to open a box just to get NO RED DICE

    what a rip off 🙄 500 green dice ain't gonna sell to get me the Bard avi ATA... sorry I'm not rolling in cash... over 100 ec to open the box to get no red dice SMDH heaven forbid I want something nice
  18. And what abt the times when you just open a hunt box to find banal greek shards..😂
  19. in a crooked little town..
  20. I love the butterflies by our names but they should be permanent or for a longer time for more ec's so please make some little name art a thing. I would def buy the butterflies if they lasted longer.
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