EVENT 🍃🌳Autumn Leaves🍁🍂

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  1. I actually want the archer avis to be lb cuz I want the fairy avis as side 😅
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  2. Quick question, now that these are out, the mushroom, peonies and butterflies are absolutely worthless, since there is no wat to redeem? 🤔
  3. How do you get avi with wings?
  4. You can usually see how long you have to combine avatar shards on the event page and in store. So yes.
    It’s most likely the t100 avis.
  5. Most of them you had some leeway with... thanks for the answer... this game has gotten intolerable for fills that work for things instead of paying for them. I do appreciate the answer... while I feel sorry for anyone with a life outside of it.
  6. Look who’s gonna go broke🌝
  7. Please invite me clubs
  8. Anyone know leaderboard avi?
  9. I dislike the fact that it is separated from the side storyline. I dislike not having the progress bar at the bottom of my homescreen for it, and dislikes not getting notifications when I collect new drops. In my head, it makes sense for extracurriculars to be for extra stuff, and the main storyline just isn't extra. It'd make more sense for them to possibly revamp the cell phone to make it more accessible (showing tiers for example), rather than just toss the main storyline in there.
  10. This hunt is actually not bad. That’s surprising considering everything else y’all have done lately but I expect it to be ruined somehow. Anyways what’s with the avi boxes again? I think enough ppl have said they don’t like it and it should be removed for you to actually take it into consideration
  11. I figured out the reason for it. Before avi boxes they were designing 4 different avis each hunt. This is their way of cutting it down to 2 avis and still getting a avi at each point like normal. The artists were probly getting stressed with so much to try design in tbh not very long
  12. If we are stuck with these avatar boxes ATA should at least allow us to choose male or female. To get to 8,000 drops to get the wrong one is bad. To get the side story and the 16,000 drop only to end up with the wrong VIP avatar as well is hugely disapointing and very frustrating.
    This hunt seems nice but my heart is no longer in it so will not bother making any effort now, only to face more disappointment. I have hopedeach new hunt that ATA would be kind enough to sort this issue, but that hope just died.
  13. They've been worthless the mintues their avis were no longer being sold in the shop. So yes they're worthless. Dont buy them if someone is trying to sell them to you
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  14. They're still designing four different avis though
  15. Nahh. Only 2. N just recoloring them for the vip ones which isnt hard n duznt take long to do
  16. I do the Stories Tiers and Rewards thread. The amount of avatars has remained the same both before and after avi boxes were introduced.
  17. Nahh. Coz before it was. You got male and female of a avi on main story 6k drops then the vip version of them in the side story. Then at 12k? Drops got 2 DIFFERENT male and female avis then the vip version of them at the higher side story drops. Now its only 1 male and 1 female avi with their vip versions thru the entire thing
  18. I thought there was still like a third or fourth side story avis? Which are different then what’s given through the main story
  19. I like the female lb one but only thing is her long giraffe neck. Why her neck longer than the male. 😂🤣
  20. Well i cant can about that coz ive never got to them. But its its ones im im ting about that people keep bitching and moaning about. Not getting both male and female avis at 8k drops anymore