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    Love is in the air for some... but what about the heartbreakers?!

    This hunt is running until 12PM PST February 20th!


    Fall in love with our special Valentine's Plunder Date Promos! These will apply to Parties from now forward until:
    12 PM Pacific Time on Tuesday, 20th of February!


    A few little notes:
    ☞ Yes, you will 100% need an RS for these dates.
    ☞ No, you can only have one Date active at a time. Activating another will just restart your timer.
    ☞ Yes, it stacks additively with Care Packs (among other things) for MAX gains.

    Relationship Leaderboard

    The Relationship Leaderboard is back!!

    Pick wisely!


    This year, you'll be collecting Heart-Shaped Cat Treats through the hunt, but you'll need to work together with your RS to turn them into Kitty Cuddles and reach the top of the leaderboard!

    ♥️How does it work?♥️

    ❥ STEP 1 ❥ Complete POTD/PPOTD and Premium Parties to collect the Heart-Shaped Cat Treats hunt Drops.
    ❥ STEP 2 ❥ When you're ready to commit, you and your RS should each hit the player named TheCatsMeow(NO SPACES)!
    ❥ STEP 3 ❥ Once you hit the TheCatsMeow, your combined number of Heart-Shaped Cat Treats hunt drops will create Kitty Cuddles, which track your progress on the leaderboard!
    ❥ STEP 4 ❥ Receive EXTRA Kitty Cuddles based on how ✨ compatible ✨ you and your RS really are!

    ♥️How do I find the TheCatsMeow?♥️

    Remember when looking for the TheCatsMeow, DON'T USE SPACES! Just so there's no confusion, here is how you can find them:


    ♥️How are Kitty Cuddles Drops Calculated?♥️


    There is a cap on how many Heart-Shaped Cat Treats will be converted into Kitty Cuddles, regardless of how many you and your RS have combined. If you only have 10 and your RS has 1000, you won't suddenly have 1010 X your Compatibility Bonus.


    ❥ You and your RS will collect your own hunt drops (Heart-Shaped Cat Treats) like usual.
    ❥ Hitting the TheCatsMeow will count your combined amount of Heart-Shaped Cat Treats and give you Kitty Cuddles!
    ❥ After hitting the TheCatsMeow, you will keep the same amount of Heart-Shaped Cat Treats in addition to your new Kitty Cuddles.
    ❥ You only get one compatibility bonus per RS! If you think you can do better, you will need to find a new RS!
    ❥ Every time you hit the TheCatsMeow, it will check how many Heart-Shaped Cat Treats you and your RS currently have and update your count of Kitty Cuddles based on that.
    ❥ Hitting the TheCatsMeow repeatedly DOES NOT generate more Kitty Cuddles, you'll only get more if you collect more Heart-Shaped Cat Treats first.
    ❥ The player with the most Kitty Cuddles by the end of the event tops the Leaderboard!

    Relationship Requests

    We got you! For this entire event . . . .
    😍Relationship requests are completely FREE!😍

    So that means *no* Relationship Tokens are being given out. The requests are just free from February 6th to 20th!

    Event Premium Parties


    We're bringing back some limited-time event-exclusive Premium Parties this Valentine's Day![/center]

    Here are the details:
    - These are temporary and will be gone at the end of the event.
    - Each Party will cost a certain number of Fashionable Invites to start.
    - Each Fashionable Invite will cost 5 ECs and will be available at the Store. The Invites are also a super rare drop from the Event Boxes too ;)
    - Each Party will be a bit more challenging than the last, so best of luck to those who are able to unlock the final one! Because of the increasing difficulty in party tiers, it is very possible that you won't succeed at a harder party. Good luck!
    - Yes, each Party must be unlocked by completing the Party preceding it.
    - As with more challenging Parties, the rewards are even sweeter than white chocolate smothered in sugar molasses fairy dust.

    1 Fashionable Invite for 5 ECs

    MOAR Premium Parties

    Wanted a bit more? We've got a surprise for you...



    Hypnocat Cookies and Moneydog Cookies are two NEW items that players can trade or gift to have them turn into usable Hypnocats and Moneydogs!

    These cookies will cost the same as regular, they can just be traded and gifted to your favorite people! ❤️

    These will be available for the entire hunt until February 20th! There is a max limit of 10 per player!



    The avatars from this hunt will have a stat increase! Don't miss out!

    Gold Crown Avatars

    Introducing the newest additions to the Leaderboard Shop!

    These Avatars and the Heart Scepter Stat Item will remain in the Leaderboard Shop even after this event is over!

    There is a new King and Queen in town and they look a lot like... you?


    These dreamy floral pieces will be available through Heart Lock Boxes, Valentine's Day Furniture Box, and the Furniture Store!
    Heart Lock Box ❤️

    Valentine's Day Furniture Box


    And of course, here is the Valentine's Day Furniture Box which you can earn through the Daily Stories throughout this event! This can be opened with the regular Amazing Furniture Key.

    Like our other seasonal furniture boxes, this one contains Valentine's-themed furniture which you can earn exclusively throughout the event and never again until next year!

    Can't do worse than Charlie. Shoot your shot!💝
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  6. Tradeable ec items is very interesting.
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  7. Ohh it's just Adorable! Wish the t10 and t100 999 were switched hahaha
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  8. I vibe with this - though the cookie thing doooo be a bit weird, I like the intent though
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  10. Just some regular bday shi*
  11. Omg in love this hunt ata!

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  14. There is just one avatar I’m not too big on, she is probably the third side story avatar. Over all it’s a really nice hunt, looks different than older Valentine’s Day hunts we have had in the past. Nice job! 👏🏻
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