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  1. couldn’t agree more with you
    We had a cat hunt where donations went to cat shelters ! Where’s the dog one ?
    Where is the New cc we was promised
    Where is the new level for our rooms that devs said would be coming ?
    How long has crackers the gold fish been on the wheel 😂 time for a shake up
    New Bento set would be nice
  2. I just want the Fishtank 999. It says its in boxes but I don't see it. Did they not put it in yet?
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  3. Is one of the side hunt miscs items supposed to be 250k/125k rather than 250/250? Is this a mistake or is just a 375k stat item
  4. It’s the LB 999.
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  5. Ofc it is🙄
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  6. The main hunt drops are giving
    Enid & Wednesday
  7. It’s not at all overused imo. I’ve never seen a rainbow hunt in my time on here. (Might have happened but idr) Only the pride month theme comes to mind but that’s once a year and as it isn’t a hunt, it isn’t in your face nor mandatory to participate if you don’t want to. Except spinners ig. As opposed to a hunt where if you don’t like it you might become inactive. I’m seeing a lot not liking the hunt so I decide to say I’m loving the misc and story so far. The avis do leave something to be desired and the furniture maybe too although I like some pieces. It’s by far not their best hunt but it most definitely isn’t the worst either. I’d say it’s just your cup of tea or not with how colorful it is. But then again, isn’t that how every hunt works?
    I’m happy I don’t hate it since I gotta go finish up this story pass lol
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  8. I was thinking the same lol. Missed opportunity to make it Enid & Wednesday inspired hunt imo
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  9. Buying this furni wmo 💓
  10. me, avid pimd player: yeah its kinda cute i mean the furni is cool but i only really like the box girl and side quest guy

    my roommate who has never played this game in her life: i am in love with every single avatar in this hunt

    diff strokes for diff folks lolol im wednesday she’s enid i guess 🤣💕
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  11. Avis suck, furniture sucks, PIMD Really be releasing 2 good hunts a year anymore. . .
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  12. honestly the misc is very cute i gotta give them that
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  13. Really? Wasn't it a leaderboard 999?
  14. Where are my rainbow pet styles ata ☹️
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  15. Are we no longer doing Pet Styles?
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  16. Okay where do you even get the Girl with striped pants or the Guy with plaid????? I haven't seen them this entire hunt💀🙈
  17. Okay but the whole story is about swapping aesthetics. If we get rainbow Zander, where is my goth Molly avi. Making it real easy to stop coming in game- everything basically been recycled hunts or just not it for me 🥱 it’s been like two months for me and I have zero expectations for anything after this. Sorry
  18. Collect 3k yarnbombings for her and then 3.5k for vip

  19. Collect 3k yarnbombings for her and then 3.3k partner mix ups for vip
  20. This was wrong 😅 lol