EVENT 🌈Over The Rainbow🌈

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  1. avis are CUTE
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  2. That’s if they even do a pride hunt and not just a monthly pride set lol
  3. The blond with blue stripes hair giving Enid vibes 💗
  4. True
  5. Another ugly avatar/dorm. 😵‍💫 lowkey I thought cuz of the hunt name "over the rainbow" it would be a wizard of oz theme. 😂😂😂😮‍💨
  6. kinda feels like when you go to the movies and its not bad, but like every 30 minutes you look down at your phone to see when you can go home. idk
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  7. The avi on the top let's hat looks wrong
  8. I thought so too
  9. It is & when I say I am disappointed 😭
  10. So childish looking. Not a fan.
  11. Some say childish, I say kawaii and fun pop. Love it.
  12. Rainbows aren’t exclusive to pride. you know that right?
  13. Apparently you didn’t read the second post🤡.. maybe if the avis and this hunt was actually decent I wouldn’t mind the tackyness that much but we already are going to get a whole month of this. Expected ata to try something different but guess not.
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  14. Missed opportunity for a rainbow fish reference
  15. No i read the second post, I’m still failing to see how rainbows automatically make you think of pride month which is mind you, 3 months away lmao.
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  16. Because it’s the only month the overly use rainbows??? Everyone knows this. No one wants the same theme over and over
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  17. I’ve never been so convinced that ATA does not even glance at the surveys we be taking. 🙄 they don’t care about making anyone happy cause they keep putting out these trash hunts and everyone keeps dropping money anyways.. these hunts are all so ugly and repetitive it makes it easy to not log on for months at a time, if you’re gonna attempt to do the same hunt 3 times a year at least pick a cute one like the old camping hunt or an actual decent witchy hunt like the black magic one or whatever it’s called 🫠 I’m drawing a blank rn.. but y’all know what I mean. These Black Friday hunts have not been good at all, the holiday hunts just keep getting worse.. whoever used to design the hunts needs their job back.. for how much money they make when the rare decent hunt comes out you’d think they would strive for that more, because it’s more then obvious they’re more concerned with making money then making their customers happy. Imagine making pimd a pay to play game then not giving us anything worth paying for..?
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  18. 1 month out of 12 & there are usually only 2 hunts per month lmfao it isn’t original by any means but overly used? Not really.
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  19. The colour-scheme is rather reminiscent of the 90's era...

    I admire both the artwork on the facial features and poses of the avatars. Likewise, the new Spring 2023 Furniture Box is quite lovely...

    Regrettably (in my opinion), the designs on both the avatar fashions (on all genders), as well as most of the featured interior décor of the dorm room, leave a lot more to be desired. 😅