Do you speak Aussie?

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  1. That would uh... No.
  2. Understood it completely 
  3. Omg this.. Again..
  4. Understood most of that, not born here but I've here long enough. Anyone made a comment on the magpies yet? Cough.
  5. It’s easy for British to understand too
  6. I doubt that very much! I know a lot of poms and they have no idea what most of those words mean lol
  7. Does having an Australian friend count as cheating?
  8. They call that micro-cheating
  9. Hendricks is the
  10. Ol mates gotta be a westie chuckn that much plonk around.. but its all fair dinkum true blue strayan right there.. china plates right.. aussie yobs know what hes rattlin on about..
  11. why was that censored? :eek:
  12. Only a year in oz and i'm so proud of myself for understanfing every word 
  13. Yasssssss strayyyaaaaa
  14. Straya mate.
  15. You gotta be living in the real bogan areas to be speaking like this hahahaha. Love this.
  16. Way to insult all Aussies.
  17.  that was bloody oath
  18. OMG YES!  Proud Aussie ?