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Discussion in 'Best Of' started by VladimirPutin, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. If you were not new you would have more then 8k stats
  2. Leo 

    I know lol 9 btw 
  3. It's called a reset... You must have tried it at one point in your lifetime... B'sides... I was gone for about six months, but ask the older players, they know me... Fletch, Qin, Roy, Dan, etc... Well Dan quit, but... Ask Chewy, ask Apoc, ask PWND... Convinced yet?
  4. Been a while dork
  5. I don't Know Dori yet, but she seems Nice!
  6. @Otto,

    4. Sorry, haven't seen you on either of my accounts.
  7. 5

    Lol Keziah! I'm Kari, nice to meet you! 
  8. Hey! Kari! I'm Khloe
  9. Yes, I'm afraid my popularity died over these six months... Glad the huge wave of noobs is gone now though...
  10. But I can't be that high without Amy threads  or can I? 
  11. Hey Kari! I'm Khloe
  12. I actually know all them and they know me. I definitely know you now. Softball4everrrrrrrrr, softyforsophie, or even no_heart_soft. Ring any bells? 
  13. No_Heart_Soft was awesome,  to bad she went Inactive
  14. 9

    Hey Khloe! 
  15. Yup, I knew softball4everrrr. Saw No_heart_soft a few times, and MOOO!!! Hey!!!! 9.5
  16. Softy 