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Discussion in 'Best Of' started by VladimirPutin, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. I just said Jk. Meaning just kidding. So you may stop being immature. I respect your opinion and I never said I didn't! Thank you Soft :)
  2. Now let's not go off topic:)
  3. Thank you 
  4. Right, I won't carry it on this thread anymore.
  5. Leo you're a 0 to me.
  6. 7 for breacet
  7. 8, I seen you around. I never really talked to you though. Thank you for not carrying it on this thread. You are not carrying it on my wall either. Thank you very much:)
  8. Didn't bother to read all the pages 
  9. 8 if for you.:)

    All the other stuff is for SirJoe
  10. 5...

    Idk most of you since you're new people...
  11. New? LMFAO
    I wouldn't talk 1
  12. I am not new lol, defiantly not new. Haha if I told you my old, old, old name you would know me :) I think....
  13. This is my alt btw