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Discussion in 'Best Of' started by VladimirPutin, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. ❤️ This Forum is over 12 years old. I love it
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  2. 8/10
    You’re inactive but you seem cool. Hop on more.
  3. 9/10
    i loved that dorm when it came out i wish i kept the furni😭
    -1 OPEN UR PET BOXES LMAOO gonna submit you to hoarders
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  4. 9/10
    Literally I'm in love with the avatar you're using 🥹
    Plus your pet naming sense and your dorm is so cute. I think you're cute😍
  5. 8/10

    i loveeee your avi, I like your dorm(my personal style is dark and black so pink isn't my thing but I love that it's complete!!) also I'm jelly of your pets!! So many cool skins and they are beautiful!!💕💕
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  6. Toooooo much. 2, sorry 😭🖤
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  8. Dammit, I meant to say you gotta you gotta open those boxes, I'm dyinnnng looking at them😂
  9. 100/10 because bunny Avi. The mixed dorm is just a beautiful bonus 😍
  10. 7/10 i love the theme of your dorm!! your avi is cute but theres no wow factor also im stealing your cockatoo pet its going super saiyan
  11. 10/10 I fell in live with ur dorm 😍 That showcase looks awesome and the avi is 🔥
  12. 10/10 i love your avi’s pink curly hair and the spooky milk carton sweater :3
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  13. 9/10 i loveee your avi! I still wish I got her lol😔 I can't figure out your dorm theme but I do love the individual pieces!☺️
  14. 😚😚😚😚😚
  15. 0/10
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  16. 10/10
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  17. 10/10 because look at that perfect dorm 😍
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