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  1. Anyone know if thanks giving hunt items still comine?
  2. *combine, whoops ,_,
  3. OMG thx, that was really helpful!
  4. This needs updating hun :)
  6. What do you need to open the vip pass gift (flamingo)?
  7. Bump for Pebbles 
  8. Great reference thread!!, update when you can.  Anyone know if the Rings: Huff, Griff etc. Still combine to create the goblet?
  9. I got a notificatiom that my items had combined to make 'Summer Festival Bro' but wont let me use it? Am I doing something wrong??
  10. I want thay zombie hunt back??

    Bring it bring it bring that head for me ??
  11. Why does this thread have an arrow next to it?
  12. Bump to update the Kawaii Hunt
  13. What a great guide it's a shame most of these drops are gone thanks to ATA
  14. I have a question please help me !!
    What is the strategy to get highest drops possible ?
    I have seen some people with lower stats than me but they have more drops than me!
    Why its so ??
    Am i lacking somewhere or doing something wrong ?
    Please solve my problem.....
    Thank you
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