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  1. God that layout?
  2. Woah. I remember this format. This is the old PIMD ??
  3. Kinda miss the old PIMD
  4. I really miss the old PIMD TBH.
  5. Need to update the info
  6. Not having much luck I'm being farmed by a RP monster got kicked from my club and now I need pink clouds. 
  7. What about that extra credits option in the shop
  8. This guide is outdated and OP is no longer active, so it doesn't include that information. I made an updated guide.
  9. ?I can’t get ecs through surveys anymore 
  10. Earnings extra credit is waste we are jit getting any thing even after buy or purchasing in other app
  11. R we really getting ec from new extra earn ec??? Plzz answer
  12. Free extra credits.??
  13. I didn’t know this! Thank you so much!!
  14. I have no job how i earn ecs?
  15. There was one job that I did and I got 8 DNS and another where I got 6dns but my favorite job was when I had got 5ecs from competing a job
  16. Hey either my link ain’t working or the link is broken
  17. When ATA updated the forums, all of the links changed so now none of the thread links work. All of my guides are in the Guide subforum though, so feel free to locate it there. 💕
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  18. Yea when I click the link it says 404 no available
  19. Literally read the post right above yours