Extra Credits

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Jerk123123, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Thanks. Helpful.
  2. i want it
  3. Bro why?
  4. You can get ec by the spinners
  5. Best advice ever ?
  6. Which jobs would give me most ecs?
  7. They all have the same percentage of an EC drop. I think it's like 2%
  8. I got scammed it was worth 200
  9. I got scammed it was worth 200
  10. Are these the only way to get Extra Credits?
  11. You can win them on the spinner now. But other than that, it’s only by doing jobs and buying them.
  13. Is that method truly works
  14. To a degree. But the chance is all based on luck. So it’s best to actually buy ec
  15. I need an amazing furniture key will somebody send me one
  16. Need extra credits ?
  17. not response to me ! 
  18. Would love to see this updated! I know DNs are now more common than ec thanks to the new updates.