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Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Jerk123123, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Support: *D
  2. How to get fast money
  3. Parties
  4. Stay in a cc club forever
  5. How do I get cash
  6. This post quite helpful. Sometimes you wont get any creditz. I did once get 2 credit for every ul.

    *thumbs up* mate! 
  7.  with all the cats you'll have to buy
  8. How can I buy ec from debt card tell me step by step
  9. Give me 6000 ec
  10. Your first forum post and you made it this stupid. Congrats.
  11. you have 68 forum posts what was your first post? Dead? Congrats or no support? Bump the thread with your first forum post
  12. i've been hitting the id guy job and i get an ec after a full bar (sometimes takes longer) i had 6 two days ago but i've been hitting and now i have 20.
  13. Some helpful tips ?
  14. Thanks tht helped
  15. This does not work if u have finished all the jobs right?? It's not alot but all ecs & dns do help.. I completed every job though.. The harder 1s when u r almost done drop quite a few dns when u complete.. 1 job drops 10 alone when its completed.. Another like 8 or so..
  16. Theres another topic somewhere on this & it has what all they drop when u complete them..
  17. Dear party in my dorm, can I get more strength pls
  18. No
  19. Buy dormmates.