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  1. Show them them ss of you calling me a dirty n** saying all lives matter in cc before I left the club for harassment. bet you don't have those ss because then your club would look bad 🤡
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  2. u deserve it tho 🌚
  3. OK racist 🤡
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  4. hit me 🙌
  5. Go back to that club drop ur kini and state the rules on ur kini... no one else is allowed to hit except urself
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  6. Yeah hit it yoirself. Why are y'all even fighting over 1 fucking kini. S M H
  7. Some people never learn I guess *sigh*[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. This is a farm list not a bitching thread go bitch at each other in pms or club chat
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  10. I have a thread called farm list 2 with updated farms. The OP of this thread is inactive and can't update it anymore.
  11. Up your thread and add tricerascotts and _Scoot_ to it. May as well add them ata aint ever giving them back