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  1. CF or ignore 💁🏻‍♀️
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  2. If people only care about parties, then why people who have sfw status and farming club still exists? 🤔 There's still a huge amount of farmers here and some of the fairies are farming sometimes too.
  3. This is very untrue lmao
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  4. Yes you are right. But there is nothing that can be done about it.
  5. How come 🤔
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  6. You're in sfw tho 🌚
  7. I am no in sfw. I just have a few I offended. But I don't care about them.
  8. SFW hasn’t existed for years. At most they’re FWs.
  9. More like KFW
    K for “kIcK tHeM plEaSe”
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  10. ATA please create more strictly rules for farming ... I get some ppl love farm they should farm only among themselves once the are obnoxious and harmful without any respect or good manners or practices. It bacon harassment and you end up listing the will of being on the game. On my club, you lost nice friends and once you need change your name couple times to stop being followed that also became a HUGE turn of on the game. Did you ever thought on PVP version where the farms could freely do whatever they want and let the rest of us. Growing and enjoying the game the way we want?

  11. There's another ATA game called kingdom at wars (kaw) it's more like the war and farming version of pimd. Really strategic and fun. More like pimd older sibling.
    A proper place for people who love farming games.
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  12. Ther is an open farm out on @WindWaker for winning a club kini and trying to sell it behind our backs. Then he ignored admins requests to talk, deleted his wall and then bailed out of the club. His rs is also in FW as well. He was cheap, greedy and lied plus we have ss to prove it.
  13. Add Tricerascotts and _Scoot_ they not coming back unless ata change they mind which i dout. I think tricerascotts had a bunch of money out as well but cant remember
  14. Oh only seeing this NOW! There’s one more option... HIT BACK!
  15. How much does @WindWaker want for the kini? Tell him to get in contact with me
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  16. That game is dead! It’s Gona die like the rest of ata games!
  17. Open farm on these igns and club: Royal Creed
    @Saber @TaySweet @Dreg3 @Rlprncs @MavenCalore @SandyDee (Dregs tut/alt)

    For making the mistake of telling them I won a kini on the spinner and trying to force me to drop it even though I wanted to drop it next hunt. The next day, I won a kini from a party drop and they became even more aggressive and explicit with gifts and messages. They are a "no sfw" potd club and don't care that their members are getting hit back. My ex RS broke up and they're still hitting and sent her nasty messages. Horrible club, they only know how to bully, lie, be cruel and even racist.

  18. [​IMG]

    Thank you for your attention.
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  19. B
    BUT it easy I literally got into leaderboard the first time I played
  20. da receipts 🌚