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  1. Is they anyone wanting a clubs help with farmung or wanting to join a farming club pm me
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  2. What? Is this english?
  3. We are a club that helps with farming im asking if anyone needs any help
  4. What that different colors mean?
  5. Ismackhoes is a farmer
  6. What's farming
  7. Add my name in farm list I am going offline
  8. I wanna farm an inactive account for money 😭 why is this so hard 😭💔
  9. Higher stats farms please
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  11. you cant directly click on the link cuz it gives an error. bee tee dubs
  12. This list is extremely outdated and the creator is no longer active. Please look at the updated version of this thread, which I linked in the comment directly above yours.
  13. There is no point. People now a days only care about parties and only think its the only way of growing.
    It is certainly not true. But farming iis a rarity that some people desire to have.
  14. What are you even talking about?
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  15. Any idea how to stop people from farming. Got a nasty girl attacking my club and none of us are strong enough to take her. Any ideas how to help?💕