VIP Champagne Box: Combinable Avatars

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  1. ⭐️SELLING⭐️
    Purple ouroboro 1:1b
    Green ouroboro 2:1b
    Silver anchor 4:1b
    Black domino mask 4:1b
    Stag skull 1:10c
    Violet cloud 3:1b
  2. Buying purple ouroboros 3:1b 🥱
  3. Buying amethyst peachick 10:1c amis
  4. Finally got mine this is my most favorite avi suits my zodiac sign as Pisces🧜‍♀️💖
  5. Selling:
    - green ouroboros
    - purple ouroboros
    - silver anchors

    - rose pink clouds
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  6. Together. And. Ongether. Last. My.
  7. Buying pink clouds 3-1b, wm 💙
    FINE, WMO 🌷
  9. Did u sell already?
  10. ⏭️Selling
    🦋 Ouroboros - Green & Purple
    🦋 Masks - Fuschia & Black
    🦋 Anchors - Silver
  11. Yes, I sold it already
  12. How much are fuschia and elegant masks?
  13. What If I get sixty Rose's and I get the other girl avi instead of the one I want which is the one pictured??
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  14. That's what I am wondering each of these "explainable" spoilers are all like the one above!!

  15. Can u help me on the cup avi?
  16. @Brenley5 this guide outlines how the VIP combineables work.

    The guide is in order. You always have to make the regular before the VIP. Make sure you choose the right gender item. So if you want female then the female items are needed. So you can always get both avatars, but if you like VIP avatar better in a set. Then you HAVE to make the regular first. You can never get VIP before regular is made
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  17. SELLING:

    Green Ouroboros - 1
    Silver Anchor - 4
    Sunken Silver Anchor - 1
    Black Domino Mask - 2
    Gilded Stag Skull - 1
    Indigo knots - 4

    Wmo, will also trade for femme versions

  18. Ok so if I want the black chick tho and not the others they combine the same no matter what ??
  19. I want the Lust for life avatar, but i don’t know if you can collect it like
    anchors and masks. if yes can someone please tell me what to collect