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  1. No drops 🥺
  2. No drops from DIY Tattoo PRO at Mob
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  3. No drops from HYPE PRO - @Pride
  4. Bad Pro dropped at JD
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  5. A player posts a comment that includes their club name and the party they will test/ are testing. Later on, the player will report the result of their testing upon the party completion with their club name.
    To help the community find POTD quickly and efficiently, please try to avoid double-testing.
    The template is updated a bit before it changeover occurs. The updater is human and can make mistakes, so there is a link (with IGN) to find the source (party history of the club). This link is found in the previous comments or on the template.
    Feel free to write on my wall @GoddessHailey for any questions/ inquiries (please put details to clarify). I will not spam every day what the POTD. I do not have time to personally do that.
    Click on this post for the walkthrough on how to keep track of the thread's latest update.
    Style on the Slopes
    Stories Tiers and Rewards

    Changeover occurs at 12pm PST || 2pm CST || 3pm EST || 8pm GMT || 4am GMT+8

    Changeover time conversion according to to time zones & locations.

    Key: Party drops max of your Main/Side
    • Dog Star drops max of 700/180
    • Cat drops max of 500/ 100
    • Bikini drops max of 250/50
    • POTD drops max of 126/28
    • PPOTD drops max of 245/49
    Party Of The Day
    Old Party Of The Day - NO LONGER DROPS
    Not Started Yet - CLUB WILL TEST
    Being Checked
    Not Party Of The Day

    Regular Parties

    • Anime Expo
    • No Hand Brakes!
    • Wait - Listed
    Pro Parties

    • Draw Manga! (PRO)
    • Skyhigh Party (PRO)
    • Blue Plate Special (PRO)
    Not Started Yet

    Being Checked

    Not Dropping

    Parties Which Need To Be Checked
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  6. Pros being tested at Changeover
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  7. Party : Just Dance
    Club : Cocktail Lounge
    QL : @Bartender
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  8. ARLTB@ Demons of the Desired
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  9. Counter Pro at Hof
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  10. it's Brostep brah
    we happy few
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  11. Prank Pro at UN
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  12. Mystic Cosmos will test DIY Tattoo PRO instead
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  14. ascended testing big in japan @Mahal
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  15. Noodle Pro at MoB
    Fits Pro at WB
    Prank Pro at UN
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  17. @Occult will test Afternoon Delight PRO
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