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  1. nhb @ the shore
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  2. Is reset still the same? I got my new quests now. Or is ata waiting till next hunt to change when the quests come
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    Summon Like You
    Changeover occurs at 12pm PST || 2pm CST ||
    3pm EST || 8pm GMT || 4am SGT

    Here is a thread for time conversion if you're unsure about time zones!
    Key: Party drops max of your Main/Side

    • Cat drops max of 500/100
    • Bikini drops max of 250/50
    • POTD drops max of 126/28
    • PPOTD drops max of 245/49
    • Horrorookie drop max of 160/40
    • Goreprentice drop max of 280/80
    • Inter-murder-ate drop max of 400/120
    • Dead-xpert drop max of 600/220
    • Grand-slash-ster drop max of 880/350
    Party Of The Day
    Old Party Of The Day - NO LONGER DROPS
    Not Started Yet - CLUB WILL TEST
    Being Checked
    Not Party Of The Day

    • Cat Cafe
    • Pizza Pop (Art)
    • Premium Parties
    Regular Parties

    • Counter Culture
    • Back Alley Debut
    • Draw Manga!
    • Skyhigh Party
    • Restless Keg Syndrome
    • Anime Expo
    • Art Starzzz
    • Limo Luxury
    • First World Problems
    • Fitspiration
    • Enjoi J-POP!
    • Wait-Listed
    Pro Parties

    • Factory Art (PRO)
    • Noodle Express (PRO)
    • No Hand Brakes! (PRO)
    • Afternoon Delight (PRO)
    • Draw Manga! (PRO)
    • Limo Luxury (PRO)
    • Unknown Pro 10/27
    • Fake Art 101 (PRO)
    • Hype Machine (PRO)
    • Skyhigh Party (PRO)
    • Wait-Listed (PRO)
    • Unknown Pro 11/01
    Not Started Yet

    • Arcade (Mis)fire - HLC
    • Blue Plate Special - IT
    Being Checked

    • Afternoon Delight - TEC
    • All Roads Lead to Beer - HF
    • DIY Tattoo - SnRu
    • Dumpster Dive - CCP
    • Factory Art - BC
    • Frisbee Follies - RotR
    • Hype Machine - IoMT
    • No Hand Brakes! - TPA
    • Noodle Express - Redemption
    • Anime Expo (PRO) - UN
    • Arcade (Mis)fire (PRO) - BM
    • Cabana Cool (PRO) - MoB
    • Cosplay Please (PRO) - NL
    • Counter Culture (PRO) - MnK
    • Enjoi J-POP! (PRO) - JJS
    • Just Dance! (PRO) - JD
    Not Dropping

    Parties Which Need To Be Checked

    • Big In Japan
    • Cabana Cool
    • Cosplay Please
    • Fake Art 101
    • Just Dance!
    • Art Starzzz (PRO)
    • Back Alley Debut (PRO)
    • Blue Plate Special (PRO)
    • DIY Tattoo (PRO)
    • Dumpster Dive (PRO)
    • First World Problems (PRO)
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  4. VA can check fa101
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  5. ATA is still trying to resolve the glitch that’s what they told me no confirmation it was resolve
    Changeover is still an hour later the glitch of the lite box
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  6. Didn’t sign up but Fake Art is not POTD
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  7. Ohk sweet as. So still 40mins to go?
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  8. Yes in the hunt ends it shows that more than one day left but for lite boxes it started...So my question is same what will be the affect... did potd changed or not
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  9. Not changed for another 32 minutes. Like Hailey mentioned, because of the glitch ❤️
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  10. thank u... these bugs 🐞 🤣
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  11. Changeover has t happened yet the boxes just came out early
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  12. Changeover already happened cause theres less than a day now for hunt, we crossed the 24hrs left border, release of the boxes always signifies changeover and a new day, with that being said I could still be wrong
  13. No drops from noodle
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  14. Fake art drops @Rp
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  15. fake art 101 dropped at o ok
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  16. Fake art dropped @ Ruby Palace 🎉
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  17. Testing Brostep
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  18. DIY not dropping
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