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  1. TY for letting me know :)

  2. Not Blue Plate

    Being checked: Limo and Back Alley
  3. BAD is being checked by OFH
  4. It's not back alley debut
  5. Potd

    Cat Cafe
    Pizza Pop Art
    Draw Manga (PRO)

    Old Potd

    Counter Culture (31 max)

    Old Pro Potd

    Not Potd

    All Roads Lead To Beer
    Blue Plate Special
    Back Alley Debut
    Draw Manga
    DIY Tattoo
    Dumpster Dive
    Fake Art
    Factory Art 101
    Frisbee Follies
    Hype Machine
    No Hand Brakes
    Prank Primer

    Needs to be checked

    Art Starzzz (Being Checked)

    Restless Keg Syndrome

    Afternoon Delight
    Cabana Cool
    Just Dance!
    Limo Luxury (Being Checked)
    Skyhigh Party

    Noodle Express
    Enjoy J-pop!
    Cosplay Please
    Anime Expo
    Big In Japan

    Arcade (Mis)fire
    First World Problems
  6. Limo does not drop
  7. Project Mayhem checking waitlisted
  8. Someone already checked it, it doesn't drop
  9. Checking It's Bro Step Brah.
  10. YFC Checking Restless
  11. Checking Arcade..
  13. Ahh okay. The list said needed to be checked still

  15. Not Arcade so okay.. Art starzz..ty!!
  16. Just did counter culture and it dropped 31 cupcakes
  17. How much does it drop?
  18. I'm iPhone so idk. But it didnt drop yesterday. And now it drops. So it's POTD lol. My guess is 50something like counter yesterday
  19. Ok being a longer finish party top plunder got 157 cute cakes according to an android member.  They were finishing Counters in under an hour yesterday so that would explain the 50 somethings
  20. Here we go again??