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  1. BC testing Frisbee Follies
  2. Testing Dumpster Dive at Time to Party Woo Woo
  3. Back alley debut at WTC
  4. Bc8 will test counter culture
  5. Redemption testing Anime
  6. HLC testing SkyHigh
  7. Revitalize testing just dance
  8. TEC testing Dumpster Dive
  9. Checking Cabana Cool at Black Orchid
  10. NMLD will test hype machine
  11. Synergy is checking factory art
  12. No drops on Prank Primer
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  13. Running counter again as club didn't listen and finished 1 min before switch! 😡
  14. Parties which need to be checked still
    Will have an actual update on the next page
    • Cosplay Please
    • Fitspiration
    • Wait-Listed
    • Art Starzzz (PRO)
    • Big In Japan (PRO)
    • Dumpster Dive (PRO)
    • First World Problems (PRO)
  15. Counter culture does not drop
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  16. Twisted minds will do brostep
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  17. Wasn’t testing but counter didn’t drop at SoP
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