 pyro day kinda

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  1. hi im q and im older now.

    (yea im a leo )
    anyway in honor of the day ive been rudely evicted, here's me being grateful to ppl who probably arent u.

    i loved all the time ive spent w yall and i know people in btbs come and go but i miss all of u okay (i also miss being #1 club rank everyone is stronger than me now :'() so yes btw thats the club i recommend ? 100% approved

    ? need i say more. ive spent idk how much time here and it's pretty much the closest i can get go fam on this hell app so :') thank u and i love u all  especially sol bc sol is nice to me but also sue bc sue is nice to me but also gukki and whitney bc hawt rp  steven and elie are bullies 0/10 would not recommend theyre mean also baidi and rin disappeared off to idk where i havent seen them in ages also quad is....quad and im p sure im forgetting a lot of important people but anyway OH YEA DEE  we haven't talked much recently but ilu u r great and also paw 

    war buddies
    too many of you to list tbh im sorry but u know who u r and u know what we've been thru together so. im so grateful to those of u that put aside rl commitments to come tgt and tap buttons for a solid day so respect ? flocc u ho where r u nowadays 

    rp buddies
    u also know who u r  platy where u at  crash u noob i cant rmbr if i have u blocked or nah but sry not sry noni > u  ilu noni pls talk to me more i know we r both busy but. yea?? also  DREA
    soulm8, numero uno, most flawless mod candidate ever, u are #1 n u know it  cant wait for our ww so i can b a cow again :')

    random shoutouts
    @MY RS. THANK U FOR MAKING ME PURPLE and for staying w my semi-inactive ass ilysm im sorry i never get to max you but u are a great rs and im glad to have u 
    @00_Steven aka the worst pupil ever  jkjk but honestly the eyeball licking rp in tc scarred me for life i am innocent and pure
    @moonie!!!!! yui!!! batty!!!! where yall 
    @DeezNubs bc ur friendship is a gift and talking to you makes my day  we need to catch up!!
    @kath and unu aka the nice vips ? kath is the one who is super nice 2 me and unu is the one with crappy taste in movie food and thats how i tell them apart.
    @ppl who send me gifts for free when i ask for (100% legit) trades in campus and dont want anything in return. i remember u. all of u. thank u i appreciate u send me free crap pls.
    @forumers who make good content. i can count u on one hand but ur sass keeps me alive so pls keep doing u. i stalk all of u. 

    anyway im done i think i forgot a lot of ppl but im sleepy so yes ilu all 

    (pardon the somewhat misleading title, lack of bbcodes and long ranty paragraphs. i sell tl;drs for a chibi each)
  2. Leo Nation 

    Support 
  3. very touchy thread :cry:
  4. I love you so much, soulm8s forever ?
    #eatallvegans, #hiphipchinchin.
    yo, happy birthday to the best bae ever ???
  5. Q? I'm gonna bully you again 

    Jks ?? we love you too!
  6. To add on, yes.. Playmates is a very good mellow club, I've been here for months.
    Haven't been in harem yet cause here is so tough like 100,000,000 stacks of drywall.
    My pupil is a inactive slacker and I need a new pupil maybe if foot unsilence Mulva then she can give me my answer to hiring me. ☺☺?
  7. Happy birthday/belated birthday, whichever the case, fire nub. 
  8. o wow as if u dont alr :'( ty elie!! ? gimme dvp k 

    icb u didn't get first comment ? dont get distracted by rp next time k 

    ya same w mine :'( ty ?

    thank u, brat ? gimme bday dvp k 
  9. I'm triggered
  10. Will ts do? I'm lazy. Also I have 15b.
  11. better than nothing :( hire my sad dead tuts 
  12. I don't see my name so I won't wish you happy birthday ?
  13. Love you BB
  15. LY2 TY 

    excuse me?? Rp buddy?????? lies, now gimme my happy bday 
  16. happy bday wer party
  17. Happy bday iQ ?
    And i m here only ????
  18. thx 4 tanking 4 me <3
  19. Happy birthday war friend!!
    Have a great one :')
  20. Happy birthday, Q!!!!!!!!