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  1. Seen 6b~ for may the corgi or eco chic 499.
  2. General furni prices
    999 - 11-15b or more
    499 - 5-8b or more
    Desk - 3-5b
    Bed - 2b~
    Bookcase - 20c-1b
    Rug - 20c-1b
    Plant - 10-15c
    Chair - 10-15c
    Shelf items - 7-10c
    Above plant - 7-10c
    Above bed - 5-8c
    Nightstand - 6-8c
    Lamp - 4-6c
    Above desk - 5-7c
    Poster - 3-5c
    Wallpaper - 3-5c
    Floor - 2-3c
    Most of the recent recycle sets I’ve seen would be Ice Kingdom, Homey Hut, and Toymaker’s Workshop. Some small furni for Electric View, Apres Ski, and Faerie Spring are also considered recycle.
  3. Selling hunt 499, bedside table and mirror
    Selling lap of luxury 299
  4. Selling all furni except complete sets
  5. Why prayer is the success to God
  6. Price check on Olympian Temple 999 and Mystic Glade 999 pls 🙏🏻
  7. Mystic Glade 999 - 20b~ might’ve dropped since then
    Current hunt 999 - 40b~ maybe more depending on buyer
  8. ik it's not furni, but I'd like a pc on mod crates ❤️

  9. Price check on pointy boxes pls and ty
  10. PC on Eco Chic Furnitures and Soft Spot Furnitures please...tysm 🙇🏻‍♀️
  11. Anybody got a price check for Fox of the Fae 999
  12. Hi can someone check out my dorm and give me a pc on it? It’s stark & bright Furni missing a few items to be full dorm, all lvl 1. Ty in advance 🫶🏼
  13. Price check please on Wintry cheers 499 - store furniture tysm!
  14. PC for level 3 Unicorn Nebula bed. 1,650,000 strength 1,650,000 intelligence.
  15. PC for Nordic Spa Dorm without the 999?
  16. and the 499 oops
  17. Price check on Wintry Cheer 499 teddy bears pls :) Its a monthly 499. Also selling it
  18. PC ON BIBLIO 499/999. TYIA
  19. Hi I just got back from the game after being inactive for a long time

    I'm looking to buy max level furnitures, level 20 furnitures, lvl 20 furnitures.

    Please contact me if you are I'm not looking for anything specific it's just better to buy them at max than upgrade them myself, ty