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  1. PC for Dorm of Horrors 999 Bloody Door pls🙏
  2. 😭
  3. Are green coconuts still 20c?
  4. Thank you 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻
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  5. PC/LF starry splendor 999
  6. Trying to get an estimate on the complete jardin lapin set. I'm wanting to sell it. Any help would be great!
  7. Soft spot cat tree 999 - 20-25b
    Soft spot bunny mirror 999 - 15-18b
    Soft spot 499 - 6-8b~
    299 - 5-6b
    Bed 199 - 2-3b
    Seats 199 - 2-3b
    rug/bc - 1-2b each
    Smaller furni items - slightly higher than regular price
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  8. Starry splendor heavenly drapes 999 - 12-15b, mostly see higher end for this one since it’s nice.
  9. Cherry blossom bc - 2b~
    Shelf items - 7-10c~
    Poster - 4-5c
  10. Hangout loft snack time 999 - 25-30b~
    Other hangout loft 999 version - 15-20b
  11. General furni prices
    999 - 11-15b or more
    499 - 5-8b or more
    Desk - 3-5b
    Bed - 2b~
    Bookcase - 20c-1b
    Rug - 20c-1b
    Plant - 10-15c
    Chair - 10-15c
    Shelf items - 7-10c
    Above plant - 7-10c
    Above bed - 5-8c
    Nightstand - 6-8c
    Lamp - 4-6c
    Above desk - 5-7c
    Poster - 3-5c
    Wallpaper - 3-5c
    Floor - 2-3c
    Furni price varies a lot depending on rarity, popularity, age, etc.
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  12. Recreo Bed and Bookcase pc?
  13. Can someone help me determine the estimated prices of these furniture? They're in my showcase and dorm if u need a look. Ill send 5c to first helpful reply as a thanks.

    ●level 5 "Hollywood Home" perfumes(29ec)
    ○Leve 5 "Hollywood Home" City art(39ec)
    ●level 8 "crystal dreamscape" Islands(29ec)
    ○Level 3 "Homey Hut" Badger's chair(69ec)
    ●Level 6 "Homey hut" Bread and roses(29ec)
    ○Level 4 "Homey hut" Bedside table(39ec)
    ●level3 "Crystal dreamscape" bedside orb(29ec)
  14. Homey hut is basically recycle price. If it’s leveled it’s only slightly higher since leveled recycle furni are priced on how many parts they drop from recycling.
    Lvl3 homey hut chair - 25c~
    Lvl6 homey hut lamp - 30-35c?
    Lvl4 homey hut table - 18c~
    Lvl8 crystal dreamscapes abv bed - 1b-1b20c
    Lvl5 hollywood home abv plant - 25c~
    Lvl5 hollywood home lamp - 25c~
  15. Hey all!
    I'm selling champagne space furniture but I'm not sure what it sells for nowadays.. Is there anyone who could give me a price for my items plz?

    I have all the pieces apart from the desk, 499 and 999.

    Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you!!
  16. Champagne space bed - 9-10b
    Chocolate banana bed (other cs bed version) - 5-6b
    Champagne space maple bc/rug - 1-2b~ each
    Shelf items - 8-10c each
    Nightstand - 8-10c~
    Plant/chair - 15-20c each
    Abv plant - 12c~
    Abv bed - 6-8c
    Abv desk/poster - 4-6c each
    The smaller furnis for champagne space slightly higher than regular price.
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  17. Price on May the Corgi 499ec?
  18. price check on cherry blossom seating please? 💕🌸
  19. What are the prices for recycle furniture? Also… does anyone know what is considered “recycle” furniture? 👀 been away from the game for a while and trying to figure out if I should recycle or sell some of my items in order to upgrade my dorm. Thanks for any information you can provide 🫶
  20. Is this the cherry blossom bed? I’ve seen 8b when it came out, but now it’s probably possible to get it for 6b.