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  1. PC on both Earrings/Lvls Pls
  2. Price check for the different amps? Otaku, Vip, art skool, etc??
  3. Price check for my whole dorm?
  4. Ruby 20c-1b
    Sapphire 10c-20c
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  5. Price check on my current dorm plz
  6. PM Delta 999 (Balcony) Price check please and thank you
  7. Can I get a price check on Ice Crystal Ball 499 (level1)
  8. Price check on co-z chair?
  9. Price check on ‘the fae, preserved 499’?
  10. Price check on Ravenghast Countess Bath?
  11. I’ve seen it for 15b a week ago
  12. Last time I saw it sell for 7b so I’d say 7-9b
  13. 20c-1b, although I saw a deal for 15c a bit ago
  14. Last time I saw it for sale was 5b
  15. Last I saw was 5b
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  16. Appreciate it
  17. Hey, you are great people and I really like this
  18. Hey guys don’t mean to enetriped this I just want to say I quit this JOB
  19. Price check on Til death:
    - poster
    - floor
    - above plant
    - shelf items
    - 199 buffet table