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  1. How much is this hunts desk worth
  2. steady at 3b nowadays
  3. Price check on Living in Sin bedside table please? 💜
  4. Should be 10-15c max
  5. Price range for chef's kiss 999 (her romantic surprise) and chef's kiss 499?
  6. Her is between 30-35b, the 499 is 3-4b
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  7. Price check for biblio furnitures please, i see Champagne Space furnis have a list. Biblio is quite famous as well
  8. Biblio price List as of July 27,2021:
    999: 130-150b
    499: 25-30b
    Desk: 8-12b
    Bed: 8-10b
    Couch: 6-8b
    Bookcase: 1-2b
    Rug: 2b
    Armchair: 1-2b
    Shelves: 10-20c each
    Above plant: 10-20c
    Above bed: 10-20c
    Above desk: 10-15c
    Nightstand: 10-20c
    Lamp: 10-20c
    Poster: 6c
    Wp: 5c
    Floor: 5c
  9. Silver heels can be between 5-8b depends on seller
  10. I manage to sell it for 17 🍱, thank you 💖
  11. Price check on lights and solaroids
    And price check for raven snow globe
  12. Lvl 1 solaroids can be 15-20c typically, the snow globe was one of those gifts like Bowl of Cat from the 2019 Pointy Throne hunt and I’ve seen it go for 10c up to 1b
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  13. Price check on 999 curent hunt : "ship shape" mermaid statue
  14. Probably around 20B since it's early hunt
  15. Price check on As If 999
  16. I’ve seen max 15b, it’s dependent on buyer/seller
  17. I’d say 20-25b since it’s been literally 2 ish days since Hunt started
  18. Price check on co-z bedside table LVL 3?
  19. Price for Salem’s kittens 499??