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  1. Where do I find prices for furniture's, I'm new and this forum is so confusing, I really appreciate some help
  2. can anyone do price check for my dorm please
  3. Price check on Salem’s kitten lvl 3? Pls and ty
  5. Can I know exact price Check for my complete dorm can anyone check it out and let me know on my wall pls ☺️
  6. Can someone tell me the price check for the zodiac “Leo” bed? Thank you ❤️
  7. 4-5B, mostly 4B
  8. Champagne Space lvl 1 prices
    Wp/floor/poster 6c
    Above desk 10-15c
    Lamp 15-20c
    Nightstand 15-20c
    Above bed 15-20c
    Above plant 15-20c
    Shelves 20c
    Chair 1B
    Plant 20c
    Rug 2B
    Bookcase 2B
    Bed 9-10B
    Desk 10-14B

    Yes they are rare and demanded therefore they are quite expensive, to know the price for levels furni sum the quantity of recycle furni (price of recycle) you need to use to level up to the current level and that'll be the total for the leveled up furni
  9. You could go to pimd server on discord and ask on advice for price check on certain furnitures, I'm currently on a price checking server if you wish to join and have price checks and lists of prices for items add me and I'll send you the invite link
  10. Thank you! I thought so, jus wanted to make sure ☺️❤️
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  11. Can I please get a price check on the statue of Pegasus 999? 💜
  12. Price check on dank and sons wall??
  13. Price check on mogul rug
  14. Price check on descendants sculpture 999 please
  15. Price check on autumn sunflower plant? Pls and thank you 🖤
  17. Have seen them around 5-10c
  18. 2B
  19. I'd say around 20-25B not really sure tho
  20. From what i was told Tritons Garden furni goes for recycle except the 999, I think I've seen the 999 around 15B not sure tho