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  1. full dorm.. (not the 999) with the bookcase, shelves, chair and plant at level 2
  2. Price check for: vanguard sofa (lvl1)
    Hit like media desk (lvl1)
  3. Hi, can I have a price check for Co-Z Desk lvl 1, please and thank you☺️🤗
  4. Price check please for peaseblossom the cat 499, midsummer nocturne bed and desk, regala desk
  5. how much is Liminal Chair?
  6. 4b, 2-3b
    5-6b, 2-3b & 3b, and depending on which version the regala desk is 5b while lovebird table is 4b
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  7. Regala armchair pls
  8. Anarch desk & Mogul Chair
  9. Price check on midnight tryst bed?
  10. 1b
    4-5b, 25c-1b
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  11. Hi how much my dorm cost?
  12. How much is a NUIT A PARIS Dorm Set without 999ecs?
    Thank You!!
  13. Hm for pridedorm level 3 desk?
    ( desk can be seen in store )
  14. Can I get price check on dank n sons bed
  15. We normally don’t help price almost full dorm sets as the market is fairly volatile, but I’m sure asking for help from world chats ( Campus & pub) might yield some ranges
    That would depend a lot on the levels of the items in question, but again we do not price full (or mostly full) dorm sets in this thread
    I sold a lvl 1 for 5b so at least 8-10b at lvl 3
    5-6b at lvl 1
  16. How much is my leo 999 worth? Level 1

    How much is a stellarama 999 worth?
  17. 15-18b Leo, Stella 999 goes for between 80-90+ bento
  18. how much is autumn magic bed
  19. Thank youu
  20. Hm is 999 Deck The Dorm Christmas Tree worth now? 😓