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  1. Price check for Door To The Garage 999 πŸ₯³
  2. Price check on living in sin art print? :)
  3. Price check for liminal furnitures (bed, bookcase, 499 & 999)
  4. How much is the 999?
  5. Price check for fashion week 999?
  6. It isn’t an easily found rug, so a serious collector would probably do 3b or more at lvl 1
  7. 15-17b
    Bed 3-4b, bookcase 1-2b, 499 5b, 999 23-25b
  8. Hm would level 2 Spector of the night and level 2 chair, hammock and Blake the 999 go for?
  9. 20-25 🍱 on both probably. Neither sell super high at level 1.
  10. Regular Prices

    Floor/Wall/Poster/Above Desk: 2 to 4 chibis

    Above Bed/Lamp/Nighstand: 5 to 10 chibis

    Above Plant: 6 to 8 chibis

    Shelves: 8 to 10 chibis

    Chairs/Plants: 12 to 15 chibis

    Rugs: 20 to 25 chibis

    Bookshelf: 1 bento

    Beds: 1 to 3 bentos

    Desks: 3 to 4 bentos

    499: 5 to 8 bentos

    999: 13 to 25 bentos (huge range)

    *Note that popular hunts can be a lot more expensive than this*

    Recycle Prices

    Floor/Wall/Poster/Above Desk: 1 to 2 chibis

    Above Bed/Lamp/Nighstand: 3 to 5 chibis

    Above Plant: 3 to 5 chibis

    Shelves: 5 to 7 chibis

    Chairs/Plants: 5 for a bento

    Rugs: 15 to 20 chibis

    Bookshelf: 2 for 1 bento

    Beds: 1 bento

    Desks: 2 bentos

    499: 3 to 4 bentos

    999: 9 to 11 bentos

    *Note that popular hunts can be a lot more expensive than this*

    Leveled Furniture

    To Find the Price of Your Leveled Item:

    Base Price + Cost Needed to Upgrade =Total

    As is the case with all leveled furniture, the price will be the base cost and cost to upgrade. So for example, a level 2 499 that has a base price of 6-7 🍱, would be 8-10 🍱 at level 2. Since with leveled furniture I like to assume that it was leveled with recycle priced furniture.​

    Amount of Furniture Needed to Upgrade

    L1 β†’ L2: 1 piece of furniture

    L2 β†’ L3: 2 pieces of furniture

    L3 β†’ L4: 4 pieces of furniture

    L4 β†’ L5: 6 pieces of furniture

    L5 β†’ L6: 8 pieces of furniture

    L6 β†’ L7: 10 pieces of furniture

    L7 β†’ L8: 12 pieces of furniture

    L8 β†’ L9: 14 pieces of furniture

    L9 β†’ L10: 16 pieces of furniture

    L10 β†’ L11: 17 pieces of furniture

    L11 β†’ L12: 18 pieces of furniture

    L12 β†’ L13: 19 pieces of furniture

    L13 β†’ L14: 20 pieces of furniture

    L14 β†’ L15: 21 pieces of furniture

    L15 β†’ L16: 22 pieces of furniture

    L16 β†’ L17: 23 pieces of furniture

    L17 β†’ L18: 24 pieces of furniture

    L18 β†’ L19: 25 pieces of furniture

    L19 β†’ L20: 26 pieces of furniture

    So, it would take 266 pieces of furniture to level one piece of furniture to Level 20!​

    PSA: All prices are estimates based off what I have seen, and may not be perfectly accurate. As a friendly reminder, I do not price dorm sets or leveled furniture above L3 since the price varies often. I also only answer on this thread at my convenience so walling or gifting me is best for a fast answer!
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  11. Thank you so much πŸ₯°
  12. Hi, can I get a price check for zodiac bed and unicorn nebula bed, tysm πŸ’•
  13. 2-3 🍱 on both
  14. Price check on living in sin painting?
  15. Merry Christmas everybody πŸŽ„β„!
    Could someone help me price check the MOGUL record player 499? Thank you for your time.
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  16. How much is the Beloved nutcracker worth right now?
  17. price check on ‡️
    • "co-z" cloud
    • "co-z" bedside table
    • cage of lavendar
    • "punk heap" traffic lamp
    • "punk heap" vests and vinyl
    • "punk heap" guitar stand
    • "anthem antler" wall art
  18. I've seen 2-4b
  19. Price check 999 2019 new year remix