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  1. Selling starter bolts
  2. Pc for
    tridents garden lvl2 bookshelf
    Teatime horror rug lvl2
    Tridents garden nightstand
    Unicorn nebula chair lvl3
  3. Price check on living in sin prideful throne?
  4. price check on Boo the German Shepard?
  5. Price check on level 3 mid shelf item called a treasured life or something
  6. Price check for hunt
    [ bedside table lvl 5/ top shelf lvl 8/
    abv bed lvl 3 ], please. Thanks.
  7. Price check summoning ritual 499?
  8. Price check ritual circle 499?
  9. How much for A VLOGGER'S CORNER 999:)
  10. I’ve seen it go for 10-12b
  11. Hi, please use the correct thread for buying and selling furniture.
    1-2b, 1-2b, 8-12c, and 1b
    I don't price leveled furni above L3!

    20-25c for the above bed though.
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  12. Regular Prices

    Floor/Wall/Poster/Above Desk: 2 to 4 chibis

    Above Bed/Lamp/Nightstand: 5 to 10 chibis

    Above Plant: 6 to 8 chibis

    Shelves: 8 to 10 chibis

    Chairs/Plants: 12 to 15 chibis

    Rugs: 20 to 25 chibis

    Bookshelf: 1 bento

    Beds: 1 to 3 bentos

    Desks: 3 to 4 bentos

    499: 5 to 8 bentos

    999: 13 to 25 bentos (huge range)

    *Note that popular hunts can be a lot more expensive than this*

    Recycle Prices

    Floor/Wall/Poster/Above Desk: 1 to 2 chibis

    Above Bed/Lamp/Nighstand: 3 to 5 chibis

    Above Plant: 3 to 5 chibis

    Shelves: 5 to 7 chibis

    Chairs/Plants: 5 for a bento

    Rugs: 15 to 20 chibis

    Bookshelf: 2 for 1 bento

    Beds: 1 bento

    Desks: 2 bentos

    499: 3 to 4 bentos

    999: 9 to 11 bentos

    *Note that popular hunts can be a lot more expensive than this*

    Leveled Furniture

    To Find the Price of Your Leveled Item:

    Base Price + Cost Needed to Upgrade =Total

    As is the case with all leveled furniture, the price will be the base cost and cost to upgrade. So for example, a level 2 499 that has a base price of 6-7 🍱, would be 8-10 🍱 at level 2. Since with leveled furniture I like to assume that it was leveled with recycle priced furniture.​

    Amount of Furniture Needed to Upgrade

    L1 → L2: 1 piece of furniture

    L2 → L3: 2 pieces of furniture

    L3 → L4: 4 pieces of furniture

    L4 → L5: 6 pieces of furniture

    L5 → L6: 8 pieces of furniture

    L6 → L7: 10 pieces of furniture

    L7 → L8: 12 pieces of furniture

    L8 → L9: 14 pieces of furniture

    L9 → L10: 16 pieces of furniture

    L10 → L11: 17 pieces of furniture

    L11 → L12: 18 pieces of furniture

    L12 → L13: 19 pieces of furniture

    L13 → L14: 20 pieces of furniture

    L14 → L15: 21 pieces of furniture

    L15 → L16: 22 pieces of furniture

    L16 → L17: 23 pieces of furniture

    L17 → L18: 24 pieces of furniture

    L18 → L19: 25 pieces of furniture

    L19 → L20: 26 pieces of furniture

    So, it would take 266 pieces of furniture to level one piece of furniture to Level 20!​

    PSA: All prices are estimates based off what I have seen, and may not be perfectly accurate. As a friendly reminder, I do not price dorm sets or leveled furniture above L3 since the price varies often. I also only answer on this thread at my convenience so walling or gifting me is best for a fast answer!
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  13. Price check for this hunt 999 paris balcony door level 3
  14. Since lvl 1 goes between 30-35b, the range for this 999 at lvl 3 would be 44-49b
    (Since recycling 999s can be bought at 7b nowadays, that’s what I’m factoring in, but if anything just add 1 bento to the range if you feel recycling 999s are 8 bento)
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  15. Price check on Yuletide Celebration 999 or Stairs to Christmas 999
  16. Could I get a price check on Hit like green screen 999?
  17. Price check on lvl1 co-z rug?
  18. price check on hunt bed and witching hour rug?
  19. Price check on painters boxes??
  20. Hiya there, unfortunately this thread is meant for pricing only Furni and not showcase items
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