1 Lucky Person

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Addicted, May 30, 2013.

  1. I could give the long reason ...... And I. Am

    I am 10 kcs
    7 = strength
    3= intelligence

    I'm very active and would use this very wisely
    My pupil has given me a build idea, all wrestlers , I am taking her advice, depending on how much you give me I could get more but hell, thats how generous u are, personally, your a good guy , having a dv from you would be very nice  well I tried  don't like my odds but I'll try  pm me if I won or lost please
  2. I recommend queenlealea she is low stats but also kinda gets how to play the game
  3.  and I put effort into what I posted , not " ME ME"
  4. Me

    Because mines is the biggest
  5.  I have low stats, so I would greatly appreciate a 500B DV 
  6. Me, im only 8.5kcs ):
  7. Me? :) I just started 3 days ago.
  8. me you love me Chris  I'm not low stats  but always will take a dv
  9. Too late but me!!
  10. Its gonna be me?
  11. pls help me
  12. I was the first one to ask.
  13. Can u pick me I've been forced to rest appointment many times, but know I'm stronger than the ppl who has made me reset I wouldn't reset anymore
  14. Me but dont hire from pupil please
  15. Me!