A Guide to All BB Codes!

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  1. [color=aqua[size=1].[/size]] Insert Desired text here [/aqua]
  2. [color=green[size=1].[/size]] uhm [/color]
  3. The end bracket for the color code should be behind the word green, not behind size.
  4. color=aqua.] it been a min since trying this [/color]
  5. [color=cyan[size=1].[/size]] trying again lol [/color]
  6. [color=aqua[size=1].[/size]] how about now [/aqua]
  7. Your formatting is incorrect. It should look like this:
    [color=aqua][size=1] Text [/size][/color]
    Additionally try using this guide, it’s more recent.
  8. from now on I'll use this color in forum 🌚
  9. Hmm testing again
  10. [/blue] test
  11. color=red.] fgfvggf
  12. [​IMG][/quote][/quote]
  13. [/quote][/quote]
  14. color=red.] teatfcgff [/color]
  15. color=red.] fbhfcccvvf [/red]