️Thank You for Voting Purple Rain️

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Janetang, Oct 7, 2014.

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  1. Thank you, i feel lucky and special by being member of Purple Rain ️
  2. Thank you, my tutors and friends and to those who vote for us. We won't be able to win without ur awesomeness and kind votes️️
  3. Yall deserved it! Congrats! 
  4. Thank you macchuro and taya3 for voting for PURPLE RAIN, thanks for taking time out your day to help us achieved the " most love club" pin.

    Thanks everybody else that vote for us
  5. Thank you for supporting our club Purple Rain . Big Warm hug to all of you 
  6. ️congrats PR For winning but just FYI im gonna farm ur member SH  he didnt pay the 200 B dvp he promised to give me for my vote ️
  7. we are both PR Janetang! Yours is Purple Rain and mine is Pinoy Royalty hahaha so happy you guys win :D It will be fun seeing both PR as friends :D congrats again! We will invade your cc soon hahaha :)
  8. Samo just farm
  9. Samo should have asked for 1t dvp 
  10. ?️ he wouldnt have given me that much jane ? he cant even pay my 200 b ?crayon i will ?when he sleeps or ill get a  wall post
  11. glad to hear the door is finally opening guess isupport in the end then
  12. Oh you guys won that item that cost 20ec? Good for you. And as for most loved club....
  13. Congrats my pupil's Club️️

    I voted too.

    @Red-Tiger : May you translate that ******? . We kinda don't understand that word. 
  14. ***** = SpitFire's Slave.

    He pretty much just said you're MY BITCH. BRUH.
  15. It's pretty easy to figure out if you can count. What's an 8 letter word that means false or untrue?
  16. Thank you so much, dears, for voting for our club. It is also thanks to your much appreciated support that we have made it :)
  17. ?Congrats pr
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Not open for further replies.