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    Epic fails lol ???
  2. I can't do rainbow. And bdw why didn't the image code of above ?person didn't worked?
  3. This is so cool omg  I barely use forms but I'm def gonna use this when I do!
  4. It's because she got it wrong. It should be closed with [/img] and not [img/] :)
  5. I know this idea is a bit premature, since St. Patrick’s Day is 2 months away, but i was thinking about it and didn’t want to forget what my Idea was...

    So here it is!

    Jäger Fest

    The Hunt

    The hunt will consist of TWO sections!


    Section One
    The Luck of The Irish

    Players will choose which item they want to collect:


    or Boxers

    How to Collect
    Bras and Boxers will drop from the POTD, Ec Parties and Pro Parties, like normal, though, it will only drop whatever item you have selected to collect.

    Drop Rewards
    Each amount of drops needed to be collected will go up gradually as you progress

    1,500 Bras or Boxers
    • 500Kcs Item
    • 500 PIMDBank
    • Jäger Box

    6,500 Bras or Boxers
    • One 1Mcs Item
    • 700 PIMDBank
    • Jäger Box

    15,000 Bras or Boxers
    • One 2mcs Item
    • 1000 PIMDBank
    • Boy And Girl Avatars
    • Jäger Box

    30,000 Bras or Boxers
    • One 4Mcs Item
    • 2000 PIMDBank
    • One Pizza Bikini
    • Jäger Box

    Once you have reached 30k drops, you then move onto the second section.

    Section Two
    Drunk Over The Rainbow

    For this section, players must collect two parts to combine into Jäger Bombs, almost similar to the Swagnog hunt for Christmas!

    What you will be collecting


    Energy Drinks

    What the Jäger bombs will look like

    *Please note, in order to combine you must go to the store and buy shot glasses!

    How To Collect
    Just like with the Bras and Boxers they will drop from the POTD, Ec Parties and Pro Parties, like normal..Though.. The drops may change depending on the party. EC and Pro Parties will drop both but you will have to find out which regular party drops which item!

    Drop Rewards
    Each amount of drops collected will go up by 10,000 at first then gradually get larger as you progress.

    10,000 Jäger Bombs
    • One 2.5Mcs Item
    • 500 PIMDBank
    • Jäger Box

    22,000 Jäger Bombs
    • One 3Mcs Item
    • 700 PIMDBank
    • Jäger Box

    34,000 Jäger Bombs
    • One 5mcs Item
    • 1000 PIMDBank
    • VIP Boy And Girl Avatars
    • Jäger Box

    80,000 Jäger Bombs
    • One 10Mcs Item
    • 2000 PIMDBank
    • One Hypnocat
    • Jäger Box

    Hunt Gifts![/green]

    The Boozy Leprechaun
    20 Extra Credits

    Leprechaun Shot Glasses
    10 Billion

    Pot of Gold
    2.5 Billion

    This is just an IDEA, but I think it will be fun! Please note that this is also a ROUGH draft.. VERY ROUGH DRAFT! So leave my poor thread alone because I attempted :lol:
    I love feedback! Tell me what you would change, what you would add, what type of underwear you’re wearing because I’m a creep *cough*James*cough*
    Tc Ya Lovely Nubs️
  6. [Yodn="-ArentOrdinaryPeopleAdorable-"] cool [/ni9]
  7. How tf can you screw up quoting constantly?

  8. Wrong
  9. B
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