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  1. Hello Pimd Rex here . I just wanted to bring up sometime that I see a lot on PIMD. You might no agree with me, it's ok .

     Pictures 

    I see alot of people posting Pic of them self on Pimd. And I think people shouldn't do that just mine opinion.There are risks for putting your photo on a social game. If u wish and do put ur picture on PIMD.
    There are lots of risk .

     Risk 

    .Identity Theft -Someone can use the picture and you they got on the game to steal ur identity. You might not have a Facebook but that picture they use and u can lose friends.

    ©. Death. ©

    Some people get killed because they are hated on This game and when they put a pic on the Internet . A killer might see it and find u . Doing bad things to u . So please think TWICE before putting ur Pic on the Internet.

    Thank You
  2. Why did I do this dam
  3. I'm going to lock this. There's actually better reasons but I don't mention it.

    It's like publicly exposing a security gap in some software. Your doing the right thing but your also giving ppl real bad ideas.
  4. Very true 
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Not open for further replies.