⭐️BB Code Cheat Sheet & Mini Guide⭐️

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  1. Cheat Sheet

    [b]Text here is bold[/b]
    [u]Text here is underlined[/u]
    [i]Text here is italicized[/i]
    [s]Text here is struck-through[/s]
    [center]Text here is centered[/center]
    [size=200]Text here is resized to 200[/size]
    [color=red]Text here is red[/b]
    [title]Text here is in a title[/title]
    [stats]This part in red stat bubble /This part in blue stat bubble[/stats]
    [imgfit]image/gif url here[/imgfit]
    [list][*]Point 1
    [*]Point 2
    [url=URL here]Word/picture link[/url]

    Tips and Tricks/Other Info

    • Size can only range from 1 to 400
    • Don’t use spaces in the code bracket, otherwise your code won’t work
    • You can change the code order to make your underlines colored or not
    • If you use an image/gif from Google, you can copy Google’s link and use that in forums (so basically you can forgo uploading the pic to an image site/app)
    • You can change the bullet points shapes of a list. For example: square bullet points, number lists, roman numerals, etc.

    • Forums appear differently for iOS, Android, and tablets/Kindles
    • You are only allowed up to 3 embedded quotes

    Did You Know…?

    • You can create image links (aka you can click on a picture/image as a link)
    • It's also possible to make a Title link
    • You can make profile links as well
    • The size code works on emojis too, so you can create giant emojis
    • Did you know there’s a way to make text invisible? (and not just changing the color to match forum’s background)
    • The center code will affect text used in the code code
    • The size code will affect quotes

    Other Useful Threads

    _MooCow’s Ultimate BB Coding Guide
    _MooCow’s Guide to All BB Code
    My Original BB Code Guide
    Forum Code of Conduct
    Ask any questions you have about PIMD here
  2. *updated with new links that should hopefully accommodate android users* I hope dis gets used ;-;
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  4. This is my very first attempt at coading
  5. Coding: A+
    Spelling: B-
  6. Sorry trying to get the actual picture to show and I is dumb 🙄
  7. You have to click the picture button next to the smiley face and then paste the imgur link
  8. I try but it just shows a little box 😅
  9. Oh I see the problem, you’re using the wrong link.
    It should look like this:
    And then when posted properly:

    Here’s a link to a pic uploading guide that might be more helpful.

    Also nice job that looks really good!
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    https://i.imgur.com/IOKz3td.jpg" style="max-width: 100%;" />

  11. You don’t need to use imgfit anymore, just click the picture box next to the smiley face and paste the link.
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  12. @Trendsetting please fix you beard.. it doesn't even connect
  13. This is my small video about combined Buddy box items and their combinations

    Share max will help for new players😀😀
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  14. I guess so.