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  1. 3/4 nice girl avatars
  2. It's been done before. If you are going to bring back old avi's at least bring back the old, old ones. I still want a Harley Quinn avi. The 16k drops is killing me. Some of us are essential and still have to work sometimes even over-time. I'm getting really irritated. How do you just up and double the required drops? In Oprah voice 'you get no life! you get no life! you get no life!' Ridiculous! If any of you don't agree with this post you have no life, lol.
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  3. Why do y’all gotta recycle avis? 😭
  4. I just want the sweet female server avatar... but if she’s side story I won’t get her. I haven’t gotten a box avatar or side story avatar in months now... and of course leaderboard is right out.

    i only play this game because I’ve nothing better to do for 5 minutes several times a day... there’s very little to look forward to when everything is a cash grab or up to random chance or aimed at the big spenders.
  5. It’s definitely not aimed at the big spenders....
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  6. I mean vip version of main story avi and also is probably glitch we dont see no vip version there
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  7. These Avis 👀👀 look so much like .... ones they already done tho
  8. Oo Love it
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  9. Thank you so much for putting the avatars at 3.2k and 8k seriously !!!!

    Just waiting for the lite/reg boxes to be fixed now for avatar guide!
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  10. I'm IN LOVE with this hunt.
  11. There are vip versions? It’s at the 16k one
  12. Sigh my bad. Looks like 3.2k was actually the side story. Which super sucks actually 😂
  13. Now that I'm getting the idea here. 8k is an avatar. 16k is an avatar. And 3.2k is an avatar not 1.5k. And another vip box elsewhere???

    Ata wth seriously??? I'm pretty fair but this is getting out of hand. THERE IS TO MUCH OF A GOOD THING. And yall's box obsession is obnoxious. We DONT LIKE THEM. It's not paid gambling when the boxes are everywhere. It is sucking my soul and all drive to play this game. You are just making it more and more impossible to play the game casually.

    Also the VIP box at 16k doesn't make it more exciting. It just gives me two chances to get avatars I don't want at all (like to male avatars instead of female).
  14. The second vip box will be the first second side story reward per usual 👁👄👁
  15. I messed this whole sentence up 😔🤚🏼

    second vip box will be the second side story reward. There is a new side story every 3 days
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  16. We LOVE when the only plus size inclusive avi is leaderboard🙄At least a few years ago leaderboard was possible. Now you can't get it unless you flash cats 24 hours a day every day of the hunt
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  17. Put misc back on the lb tho
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  18. I think the "Collect 3.2k" is just a mistake. If you open the quest, it still shows that you only have to collect 1.5k drops for the 1st side story to get 1 non-vip avatar box.
  19. I am a lil new so just asking do ppl even hv this avatars??
  20. The trend with top 10 avi's need to stop.

    Every cute black avi is out of reach for us. Its ridiculous and I'm over it. Anti up the reputation of people! :mad::mad:
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