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  1. Kyot 😍
  2. Autumn furnitures vibes🌞 niceee
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  3. Waiting on bf tbh 😴 sleeping on these past few hunts
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  4. Are we not getting gifts to send this Hunt?
  5. There's still quite a few days left, so I'd say we're at least going to get one set of gifts. It'd be too out of character for none at all.
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  6. If hunt end at 27th 6am pacific time, meaning it will end at 27th 10pm SGT right?
  7. Yes
  8. Is it just me, or were we not able to get two vip version boxes for this hunt? I’m at the end of the 3rd side story and almost at the 6th tier, but I don’t have the vip female main story avi since I haven’t gotten another avi box
  9. You can get another VIP avatar box from collecting 2.8k drops from the 3rd side story.
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  10. Yeah, I just made it to that point! I just didn’t realize it would be there, since I thought the fourth box was normally in the second side story
  11. It is, but since this is a short hunt, they put it on the 3rd side story (also the final) since there is no second set of story avatars.
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