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  1. thanks God
  2. dogavatarsdogavatarsdogavatars <333
  3. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂
  4. The furni is super cute 🥺🍂 I'm Aussie, so I don't celebrate it, but this'll be a fun little in between hunt.
  5. This is so adorable! Just amazing 😍
  6. Weak ass avatars only one female looks bomb asf, the males look weak specially the wanna be white 😂
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  7. THE COLLECTION DROPS ARE LESS!!! TYYYYYY 💛💛💛 i take back whatever I said :'3 Please do more like these!!!!
  8. Is there no side story avis?
  9. love it!!
  10. There usually isn't on hunts of this length, no. However, one of the regular avatar boxes and one of the VIP avatar boxes will be on the side stories while their counterparts are on the main storyline per usual.
  11. This is normal drops for a short hunt. Usually short hunts are 7 days; this one is 10 days because of Black Friday.
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  12. That is an accurate statement.
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  13. Happy early Thanksgiving, everyone! ❤️

    Standard yearly holiday hunt. Cute, I like it. 🥧
  14. Happy Turkey Day cool people ;^) 🦃❤️
    - your local Native American
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  16. wow omg avis that actually look like normal humans??? :eek:
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  17. This actually looks kind of cute thx🥸
  18. Why do they all look middle aged
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  19. Look at that 499 furni so dang cuteee