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    Visit the dorm and bundle up with these new items, avatars and furniture while the crew is snowed in! Time to start knocking on your dorm mates' doors so the community can weather this storm together! Let's just be thankful the power hasn't gone out!
    🖤PLEASE NOTE: this event ends early on November 27th at 6am Pacific Time🖤

    It's Turkey Time!



    Pet Styles

    These are available for purchase at varying prices until the end of the event on November 27th at 6am Pacific Time.

    Event Furniture

    Come sit and stay a while 😌. You can warm up under the soft glow of the fireplace with us. 🔥📺

    All available through the event boxes, Autumn Furniture Box and the Furniture Store!

    ❄️Please dress appropriately for this event❄️

  2. Yiiiiieeeeut
  3. Happy early shmanxgiving
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  4. Its an okay filler hunt i guess.
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  5. Nice Furnitures
  6. I like chef avi
  7. Cuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  8. That girl in the orange has a spooky smile oh my 😂
  9. Friendsgiving is adorable.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving
  11. That 5mcs item 🥺❤️