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Discussion in 'Contests' started by [ATA]Will, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. I don't understand snapchat 🙃 haha 💔
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  2. Yeah same I clicked the wrong message he had also hit me up on ig asking about if we got them yet lol
  3. what if i don't have snapchat can i also get an modcrate??
  4. You need both Snapchat and Instagram to be eligible to win.
    Also the prize is a PimdCrate not a ModCrate
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  5. I like the goth lens
  6. We heard you the first time luv
  7. I'm saying they should change, I'm trying to talk about it in game about how awful it makes me look, not participate. I'm not tryna jump through 3 social media apps for this, maybe if the filter is actually good

    Statement made in first contest or not it's still dumb to take us to snapchat then censor it... I understand the contest it ain't about entering it's about the censor being silly
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  8. Quit crying it’s an app game.
  9. Anti feedback? thats what the forums are for 🤭 so we can express our opinions so ATA can listen to the community forehead 🤣
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  10. In all fairness for this contest all of the 3rd-party apps you interact with all have to do with PIMD and are safely connected to ATA.

    They should keep the censor because there’s no reason non-staff members need to talk about 3rd-party apps. Even if you specifically aren’t sharing your socials, a large sum of players have proven that they can’t be trusted with more speech-freedoms.
    cough cough- the people in pub.
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  11. Gotcha now! Thanks for being patient!
  12. Noice🤧
  13. Relax dude I don’t nee
    Yuck more crying
  14. Hay furnitmtk
  15. I got today my reward
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