CONTEST ✨🌸👻 Share the Magic 👻🌸✨

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  1. [​IMG]
    WE DID IT FAM!!!
    We set a challenge for y'all to share our first lens and you crushed our goal of 2000 shares like it was nothin'!!!

    Now as promised an extra special treat for you during this very
    magical✨ time of year . . .

    ***Drumroll Please***

    Presenting the second ever PIMD Snapchat Lens!

    Snap a pic of this in the Snapchat app or follow this link to access the lens!
    What you thought we'd show you what the lens looks like? No, you gotta download it to see!

    But thats not all . . .

    As you all made such quick work of our first goal, we have a new goal of 3000 shares! Once you beat that we may have another something new . . . 👀


    What is the contest and how do I enter the contest?
    We will give out 1 PIMDcrate to 5 lucky fans that share the Snapchat Lens and our Instagram post with their friends!
    To enter the contest, try out the new filter, tag a friend in the comments of our Instagram post and follow the instructions in our first post to share via Snapchat!

    Contest closes November 25th at 12:00 pm PST and we will announce the winners the following day.
    Winners will be selected at random by the ATA team.

    Remember to tag a friend in the comments of our Instagram post and share the Lens via Shapchat to qualify!

    How do I access and share the Snapchat Lens?
    If you have questions about accessing and sharing the Lens check out our previous post for an FAQ!

    We'd love to see your selfies so feel free to post them here or in our discord!

    What about the last contest?
    Don't worry, we didn't forget about the winners!
    Check out our recent IG story and post to see if you are one of the lucky five taking home a PIMDCrate!!!

    ✨Show us you got the magic!✨

  2. How many more lens do guys have hiding 🧐
  3. Oooo another contest? 👀 you’re spoiling us pls
  4. Who knows!?!? Its a mystery!
  5. I gotta say, I really love those lenses. &The chance of winning a PIMD crate is just the cherry on top. 😍
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  6. Im curious to see n but at the same time i dont wanna update snapchat my mate showed me it and it looks horrible and chat has changed place n everything
  7. But... But I don't have Snapchat 🥺
  8. what's the insta?
  9. @ PartyInMyDorm
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  10. Ew nasty snapchat
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  11. I’ve taken a snap shot with it do I post it and how many selfie’s am I taking this is cute!!
  12. Are people still using snapchat? This is an honest question, I know I stop using it back in 2014
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  13. These filters are legit terrible 🥴 It feels like the first filters that ever came out on Snapchat 💀 Also I don’t feel like sharing on insta should be the way to go with this, you made discord for a reason why not hold the contests there 🌚
  14. I do everyday
  15. I don’t have discord but I do have I sta and no idea how to do this I wasn’t around for the first time..
  16. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 Good luck everyone
  17. How do you link to Instagram how do they know
  18. Hmmm 🤔
  19. Yayyy😁
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