CURRENT EVENT ✨🌷πŸ₯šEgg-ceeding Egg-spectations 🐣🌷✨

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    The campus-wide egg hunting tradition is BACK!!

    Bounce into new items, avatars and furniture! Get cracking with an egg hunt + parade eggs-travaganza you'll never forget! Can you egg-ceed egg-spectations this Easter? 🌚πŸ₯šπŸŒ

    Event Premium Parties


    Hop back into the Teatime! Party Series as part of our Easter tradition ;)

    What's going down:
    ☞ Each Party will cost a certain number of Tea Party Invitations to start.
    ☞ Each Tea Party Invitation will cost 5 ECs and will be available at the Store. The Invites are a super rare drop from the Event Boxes too!!
    ☞ Each Party will be a bit more challenging than the last, so best of luck to those who are able to unlock the final one! Because of the increasing difficulty in party tiers, it is very possible that you won't succeed at a harder party. Good luck!
    ☞ Yes, each Party must be unlocked by completing the Party preceding it.
    ☞ The more challenging the Party, the more tea-rrific the rewards.
    1 Tea Party Invitation for 5 ECs

    Avatar Sneak Preview

    These are some of the EGGS-quisite avatars available through the Stories + Easter Egg Hunt LB (more on that later!).

    U fallin for these avis like

    Avatar Shards


    That's not all though, of course we'd have special Easter Avatar Shards too!

    This time around, choose your avatar by choosing your shards below:
    ☞ Tulip Sprout Shard
    ☞ Tulip Bud Shard
    ☞ Tulip Blossom Shard


    These shards will be dropping from the Spring Spirit Box available in the Store until 12 PM PST on Tuesday, April 13th

    Collect these items, and when you have enough, purchase 'em in the Store to create your avatars!



    ☞ You won't be able to achieve the VIP avatars without first having the regular set!

    Easter Pet Styles

    Check out these egg-cellent Easter Pet Styles available through the Pet Styles Shop and Pet Skins Box!

    u snuggling up to these styles

    πŸ₯šEaster Egg? πŸ‘€

    There's an Easter rumour spreading across campus. You're going to want to keep an out eye for MOAR this event starting with this Easter Egg hint: I hear there's a special item dropping from certain parties...



    Eggs-actly what you need bunnies! πŸ’–πŸ°

    Available throughout the Stories, Event Boxes and Spring Furniture Box!

    U eyeing these Easter rewards like

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  2. Invites yessss
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  3. Noice
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  4. easter yay
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  5. πŸ°πŸ’•
  6. Awesome! The shard avis are so pretty.
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  7. Well at least this is a lot better than the previous hunt
  8. The furni is cute and the 1st side story avi is cute! I also love the shard avis.

    everything else for me is meh
  9. Omg, so cute! 😍
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  10. The shardssssss
  11. Dafaq are these male avis
  12. Ok but those shard avis 😍😍
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  13. Easter avis cute... but those collection avis πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’•
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  14. This is great. Thank you Ape family! Happy Easter (if you celebrate)!
  15. Now this is cute asf
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  16. Finally 95/95 Avi worth buying UwUπŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ issa cute hunt
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  17. Awwww this is absolutely adorbs
  18. Oh wow the avi's are bombπŸ”₯✨
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