PROMO ✌️Offerwall FLASH 2x Sale!

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    SURPRISE lovelies!

    👯 Check out what our friends at Tapjoy prepared just for you! Complete some offers for 2x the rewards from the Offerwall like, right NOW ✌️

    Start: July 3, 2020 @ 12am (PST)
    End: July 5, 2020 @ 11:59pm (PST)


    Where is the offerwall?

    Shop > Get Free Extra Credits

    What is a sale?
    You get 2x the Extra Credits for each offer completed.

    What offers qualify for a sale?
    Offers that you open and start during the sale period, only.

    What if I start an offer during the sale, but do not finish it before the sale ends?
    That offer will still payout 2x when you finish it, so long as you started the offer during the sale period.

    I'm using an iOS/Apple device. How come I do not see any game offers?
    Unfortunately, this is an Apple policy stipulation that we do not have control over. This applies to offerwalls across all iOS/Apple devices.

    Enjoy! 💕

    2x the rewards 2x the surprise

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  3. Thank you! ❤️
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  4. Waoooow so nice ty 💕
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  5. So fun, time to get free 2x rewards on a garbage offer wall that doesn’t work 90% of the time😀👍
  6. I tried again today. Even tho I’m on iOS and only get the really bad “give us your credit card” offers. Found one I thought I could live with. It was just a never ending circle of “give us all your personal data”. I gave up after the third round.

    I understand that these offers aren’t from ATA, but I think there should be less promotion of them by the apes. I haven’t had one work and actually received ecs since I switched to iPhone.
  7. I think you need to partner with someone else, and also have actual purchased ECs be doubled for the weekend. A different app i play does this and I love it!

    Still lots of love for you too, just a suggestion
  8. Mine doesn’t even work so
  9. So that means promo will be starting soon then 🌚🌚🌚
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  10. Yay been waiting for this :)
  11. Try contacting Tapjoy support. 😊
  12. Thank you for this. Got my free 1316 ecs after a month. 😇😇😇
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  13. Hi when is the next 2x offerwall promo? Pls wall me if it's okay 😅
  14. We don't know until they do it, but if I had to guess, it'll probably happen during the next event, along with invites again.
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  15. Fix that is has to be on WiFi only.... unlimited data should work too.