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  1. Also anything that auto combines and doesn't require you to purchase an activator in the Shop (and the activator is NOT in the Shop anymore) or manually activate it otherwise in the Shop, is still able to be combined. Auto-combine = no expiration
  2. So, can you still get the avis if you have shard boxes remaining after they disappear from the shop?
    Also, why is it not obvious any place other than here that VIP avis don’t cost what the price states? I never bought a VIP avi before, so I didn’t know I needed 800 more on top of the 1600 price.
  3. No, you can't.
    You can actually see the shards needed for each avi in shop and in your avatar list.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. Yes. The problem is that it’s not obvious that vip requires the base plus the extra helms listed.
  5. [​IMG]
    It tells you when you try to purchase it...?
  6. I recommend always double checking the original upload by ATA. In the images given by them, they explicitly say (using the first avis for reference) “collect 400 helmets” followed directly by “collect 800 MORE helmets”, meaning you need to collect the base plus extras for the next avatar.
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  7. You literally have to collect the supposed number of shards and attempt to buy it before that even shows up. Do you even know what the word obvious means?
  8. So, you’re basically saying you have to hunt this information down to find it. Thanks for supporting my main point.
  9. Please explain how this post, approximately one scroll down and in the original post made by ATA for this thread, is you having to hunt information down.
    It says, in the very FIRST post in this thread (“page 1”), collect 400 helmets for the base avatars and then collect 800 MORE helmets for the vip ones.

    Let’s read and try to understand before getting annoyed with each other. My apologies if I didn’t explain it well enough, I hope this helps. ATA always includes this information in the very first post.
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  10. Not everyone uses the forums or wants to. This is a casual game and while I know that I can find information in the forum, it’s annoying to have to navigate here to find info that could be made more accessible in the rest of the game. Not everyone comes here first for info and it wouldn’t be hard to make things like this more obvious in the shop for people who are more inclined to check the shop first when any new items drop.
  11. I get what you’re saying, but that’s not ATAs fault. When new content is released, many players know to check forums or ask other more experienced players. They can even send in a ticket if they don’t understand the forums. Someone not wanting to understand this rather huge aspect of the game isn’t common nor is it that big of a deal in most cases. Either way, the information is in no way difficult to find. Currently, you have to click around 4-5 times to get to this exact thread. Rather than saying it’s difficult, I think we should instead be helping/teaching newer players or players like yourself to use the forums. I understand not liking them, but you rarely have to use them, as these special things only come out once a month or less normally.
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  12. Or more importantly stop trying so hard to impress the company to acknowledge the fact that the forum is a SECONDARY resource and information pertinent to gameplay shouldn’t be hidden but made plainly obvious. I get that you are enamored with this game, but navigability is key. If this forum was supposed to be so important to gameplay it would have been integrated in a way similar to chat or clubs, but it is not. There would be easy ways to jump straight from announcements to the forum, but there isn’t. And a few extra words added to the VIP description in the shop would be simple. *base avi required for purchase* Nope.

    Honestly, I don’t get why you’re so caught up in disproving or minimizing valuable criticism unless you happen to get some kind of paycheck for your efforts. And maybe stop trying to diss people through so called “politeness.” Calling someone a noob for criticizing a game you love isn’t suddenly ok when you phrase it as it you’re offering help, because you’re not.

    PIMD isn’t a strategy game. It’s a pay to play that benefits from people spontaneously spending money just to get on the leaderboard, so having to navigate 4-5 different screens isn’t a way to market to your average user. It’s dumb. Don’t interact if you’re going to add more facile reasons for why the design and avoidance of clear communication is somehow ok or if you want to “explain” why important information is hidden in the forum because it’s simply impossible to condense that information in game.
  13. Why are you getting so upset with me? I’m not ATA. 😂 I can assure you, I don’t kiss ATAs ass. You can see PLENTY of complaints from me in forums and even in WC. I’ve said that ATA could make some great and more accessible changes. Don’t get all in a twist because someone’s disagreeing with you over a game. I don’t “”love”” this game.. it’s a game. I leave constantly and talk shit pretty often. But I digress. 🥱

    I’m not sure if it’s different based on iOS/android or w/e but on ios, you click two buttons to get to forums. That’s pretty easy imo. Adding a simple statement to the main shop avis would be fine, I totally agree that something like that is definitely an easier code and wouldn’t be too tough.. but forums.. are also not that tough for players to access. If someone is confused by them, they can ask club mates/etc just like “”noobs”” usually do when wondering new things.

    TLDR: Forums are easy to access (at least on iOS), “”noobs”” can ask questions if needed like always, and ATA might help you out with your complaints if you send a help ticket/start your own forum about it rather than getting in a twist @ another player 🤷🏻‍♀️
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  14. You could always send a help ticket for feedbacks and suggestions.
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