LIMITED-TIME CONTENT ⚱️This Champagne Box is made of Porcelain⚱️

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  1. I’ll wait a few months… 😭😭
  2. Ok I'm not getting then 🐧🐧
  3. Thought this was the Greek hunt for a sec
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  4. more ugly male avis that i won’t be getting.
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  5. So all the good Avis are in the boxes but the worst ones are the vases that you collect and combine. Not to mention the drop rate for Avis in boxes are only 1%
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  6. Bottom left hand corner is the shard avi. White vase is the feminine avi and blue pot is masculine avi
  7. Finally get a ceramics set and it's one of the most commercially used glaze techniques worldwide, so sad... So much potential wasted. Some nice Avis but they could have been tied better into it and the room looks like another Greek hunt.
  8. Yup I like my room.
  9. Definitely agree w u
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  10. Why are the male avis always trash now?
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  11. Heads up, the original post has been edited and correct to the right information in case someone may wonder why some information seem different on the first post since the past 72 hours :)
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  12. Money is rare and a lot of us love to use this game as a escape but to do things we want the prices are very high with not much to offer. The membership it great helpful but not worth that much money. What your offering is worth $30 a month. I say if your prices are $50 or 100 something along those lines then the benefits should match that. I've been on for 2 years and it's hard to miss out on things because I have to think of rent food and such. A lot of members have felt the same way. We would love to enjoy the game at a cheaper cost or with more benefits than you offer. You have A bag of chips offers at new clothing or electric bill price basically. We don't get what we pay for in other words. But other than that the game is amazing that's why many of us continue I know many who have been on since the beginning. I love the game I just ask for more thought for your players with low funds especially in these times money is becoming rare
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  13. Not sure if it’s just me, but I feel like champagne boxes drop a lot less than they used to. Champagne legacy boxes, too, but it’s been a while since I got one of those anyway. I’m wondering if it’s actually worth it at this point
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  14. I’m kinda slow but how do I get the black girl avi standing on 1 leg 🤣
  15. You have to have a VIP subscription of tier silver or gold, you can find the subscriptions under store ➡️ plans if u are on ur phone, or scroll in the Webstore around the middle of the homepage 💖
    The subscriptions give u a certain number of VIP boxes per week and the avatar you want exists inside those boxes. If you are lucky it will drop for you 💖
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  16. When are we getting new champagne boxes?🫣 it's been awhile
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  17. I would like to send a help ticket
  18. What happened to updates on this box? I pay for this because we get new stuff quarterly. You skipped last Quarter! We spending money on these boxes and I still don’t see nothing new from them!
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