PROMO ⚡️💎 Offerwall 24hr FLASH SALE! 💎⚡️

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    We collab'd with Tapjoy to bring you an Offerwall Sale for 24 HOURS ONLY! 👀

    For a LIMITED time, receive +50% THE REWARDS from our Offerwall - gogogo!

    Start: Feb 25, 2023 @ 12PM (PST)
    End: Feb 26, 2023 @ 12PM (PST)

    u spotting this 24hr Sale


    Where is the Offerwall?
    Shop > Get Free Extra Credits

    What is a sale?
    You get +50% the Extra Credits for each offer completed.

    What offers qualify for a sale?
    Offers that you open and start during the Sale period, only.

    What if I start an offer during the sale, but do not finish it before the sale ends?
    That offer will still payout +50% when you finish it, so long as you started the offer during the Sale period.

    What about 1EC Offers?
    1EC Offers will now round up during Sale periods!

    What if I can't access the Offerwall?! HALP!
    That's likely due to a recent Android/iOS update
    2) Tapjoy has since fixed the issue 🙌
    3) AVOID using VPNs or emulators. We don't make the game with these in mind, so they may also be a reason you've been automatically Offerwall-banned
    4) Still Offerwall-banned? Submit your details and situation to Tapjoy HERE

    grabbing Offers like

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