♡ What Coffee Do You Get ♡

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  1. Why would u drink coffee anyway :?: energetic drinks are so much better :cool: :mrgreen:
  2. Both are bad in a way. Energy drinks actually keep me energetic, unlike coffee. However, there are stuff in energy drinks way worse than coffee. If we talk about energy drinks, the orange Mountain Dew Energy drinks are good. The V8 Peach Mango energy drink is also good! Do you not drink coffee at all?

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  3. I hate coffee
  4. Caramel macchiato <3
    Creme brûlée latte <3
  5. I drink water and mnt dew coffee is a once every 6 months or so thing for me
  6. Mocha latte.
    Monster "The Doctor"
    Code Red Mtn dew.

    Life completed.

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  8. Gloria Jeans coffees ?
  9. Chocolate chip flavored coffee from my Keurig 
  10. French roast, but none of that Starbucks crap
  11. What's with this in all your posts/ jw.
  12. Ooh, like Folgers brand? :eek:

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    I do whut I want, Cholo master. .-.
  13. Um. I mix hot chocolate with my coffee.. Maybe you could buy the nonfat kind of hot chocolate mix and use that. Anyways, yeah. 1/2 to 3 /4 full hot coffee then hot choc mix& add lukewarm water to cool it down for immediate drinkage. not too sweet or sugary. Just right.

    I also can't afford to go to a coffee shop. So that's my version of deliciousness.
  14. Gas station cheap coffee 1/4 cream and sugar 3/4 coffee

    I like my sugar with coffee and cream! :lol:
  15. Gosh! It's coffee hahaha! I will get myself a dark mocha frappe if I'm going to study in the coffee shop.? If hot beverage I preferred hot chocolate or green tea latte.
  16. I do homebrewed coffee served black. This weeks selection is Chock Full O'Nutts
  17. :lol:
  18. . Starbucks has it
  19. Another thing which is good is a London fog
  20. ? columbian coffee. No sugar, no cream. I prefer coffee with my coffee. 