LIMITED-TIME CONTENT ☕️The Sugar Spoon Cafe☕️

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  1. Pvp doesn't work with parties as the hint suggests.
  2. U won't have the option to restart if you only purchased the cash pass.
    Only the VIP pass warrants u the continuation of the storyline, and a restart option once u complete all tasks from the first playthrough.

    Sadly, unlike previous story passes, the uniforms don't have stats. I believe it's intentional as there's no limit for it.
    Only the espresso machines have stats and a limit of 60.
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  3. Me and my friend are buying a vip pass each. Add me if you're selling please 🥺🖤
  4. I only got 2 coins from the whole cash one? I thought we would have gotten enough to get all the females or all the males? What the heck!
  5. I’m sorry, but what?
    You always get only tier1 avi from cash pass. In this case you’ll get two coins so you can again buy tier1 avi or open one box. If you want more avis, you have to pay for vip pass .:)
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  6. Thanks. This has been getting worse with each Pass then. There were a few that didn’t have max limits on the stat drops. Then, they added a limit. And now some drops aren’t even stats. Strange turn, and far less value for the Pass imo. Thanks for the reply. 💕

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  7. Buying story pass for 8b, wm if selling
  8. buying story pass for 8b wmid☺️
  9. Buying story pass walk prices
  10. Looking to buy VIP StoryPass for 8B
    Asking for a friend 🫶
  11. Buying story pass for 8🍱
  12. Anyone know the best selections for story as it goes on? About to restart but don’t want to go through the same choices I made already haha
  13. I suggest you view this post. there’s a section that concerns the story pass and all the choices. I hope this helps you.
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  14. I absolutely love this new idea! I was so sad I couldn’t afford the cute masculine tier 3 but then I got the box and the other version of the masculine tier 3 and it made me so happy yay 💞
  15. buying story pass
  16. Buying story pass with bentos! wall me please and thank you💕
  17. Buying VIP story pass for 8b amid 👀
  18. is this worth buying yall
  19. Honestly it depends if you like the Avis & are willing to do all the tasks🌚 I didn’t get the avi I wanted from the box version so now I’m busting my 🍑 off for the 3rd tier quest where you get 4 coins, but you can get the ones from the shop in the beginning to avoid all that, I just like the box versions better 🤷🏽‍♀️
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  20. Did the story avis disappear from the shop for anybody else?